Wolf Bracer
Zarya Moonwolf
The Wolf Bracer in the hands of its rightful owner: Mysticon Ranger
Vital statistics
Type Magical
Effects Supersonic howl
Enhanced agility
Enhanced speed
Razor-sharp claws and fangs
Superhuman reflexes
Source The Cavern of the Cosmos
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
"Time to Howl!"

-Zarya's command to activate the power of the Wolf.

Wolf Bracer is Zarya's symbol of mystical power as the second Mysticon Ranger.

Unfortunately, it was eaten of a baby diamondback cave-crawler and taken by Dreadbane who then used his evil magic to corrupt it and the mystical Wolf Bracer within its mystical pages to "let the hunt begin."

Four episodes later, Zarya managed to regain it and revert its mystical powers to those of light.


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  • As animal totems, the Wolf symbolizes loyalty, perseverance, success, intuition, spirit, appetite for freedom, and loneliness by nature.
  • The contents of the riddle to find it was not revealed.
  • It is easily counteracted by Kasha's dark orange Panther Bracer.
  • It is the only mystical bracer, along with its dark blue-colored book of spells, to fall into the Spectral Hand.
  • Dreadbane had called it his red "Spectral Wolf" who used it in the episodes, "Lost and Found" and "Skies of Fire".
  • Unlike the other three, Zarya does not call out the name of the animal totem it symbolizes.
  • Its mystical power would be absorbed by the deep blue gem, Queen Necrafa wore in her necklace, but it managed to subjugate the evil queen before she could affix it with the others.
  • Even though it is the third bracer to be found, it is the fourth and last to be used by its rightful owner.

Comic Books

  • So far, it appears only on the cover of every volume and during Zarya's transformation into the second human Mysticon Ranger.
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