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"Total Eclipse of the Golden Heart" is the thirty-first episode of Mysticons that aired on May 12, 2018, at 8:00 am.


Emerald's overprotective mother comes for a surprise visit, but has no idea that her daughter is the legendary Mysticon Knight. Things start to get complicated, as a rare maleficent eclipse will occur that night, further strengthening evil creatures and causing them to go into a vicious frenzy of destruction. As Emerald shows her mom around Drake City on their mother-daughter outing, Arkayna and the others try to make sure that Citirine does not see anything evil or dangerous. This proves to be a difficult task, with the maleficent eclipse looming ever closer.

Meanwhile, the Vexicons take the opportunity to use the much stronger power bestowed upon them by the eclipse to capture the Mysticons to prove their worth to Proxima.






Magical Weaponry

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In the Episode

  • The Vexicons start to rebel somewhat against Proxima.
  • The Mysticons' abilities and unique weapons are all weakened considerably due to the maleficent eclipse, which bestows immense magical strength and even stronger abilities onto evil beings for several minutes.
  • Zarya mentions Princess Arkayna as her sister to Citrine.
  • This is the first time Princess Arkayna, Zarya and Piper were seen bound and gagged; Zarya's second since the show's premiere
  • The Mysticons run into Proxima's mindless Spectromancers for the first time, but do not engage.
  • This the first time that Emerald is in her Battle Mech suit in Season 2.
  • Emerald's middle name is revealed to be Zirconia.
  • Mallory's comment of "Later Skater" is akin to Zarya saying "Later Haters" in the series premiere.

Outside the Episode

  • The title is a play on the famous romance song Total Eclipse of the Heart, sung by Bonnie Tyler.
  • This marks the third appearance of Citrine Goldenbraid in the show.
  • This is an episode related to Mother's Day. Although it was never known whether Gemina has holidays relating to each parent.
  • This is the very first time an eclipse, of any kind, occurs in the show.
  • The events of "The Mysticon Kid" are referenced here.


  • Mrs. Goldenbraid: "There you are, Em. I almost you."
  • Piper: "Oh no! Mom invasion."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Mrs. Goldenbraid."
  • Mrs. Goldenbraid: "Come on, girls. Bear-bug hug."
  • Zarya: "I can't believe your here."
  • Emerald (awkwardly): "Neither can I."
  • Mrs. Goldenbraid: "Malachite and the boys are off spelunking, so I thought I'd pop by for some mother-daughter time."
  • Emerald: "What a surprise."
  • Mrs. Goldenbraid: "Is this the official griffin-wrangling residence? It's so...lovely."
  • Emerald: "Yeah. It's kinda boring."


  • Princess Arkayna: "You haven't told your mom you're a Mysticon yet?"
  • Emerald: "I can't. If she ever found out, she'd pick her pickax."
  • Piper: "But you're a hero."
  • Emerald: "Who gets into danger, which my mom hates. So while I show her around town, I need you-
  • Zarya: "To make sure she doesn't see anything dangerous or evil. Gotcha."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Relax, Em, we got this. Besides, it's supposed to be quite day."
  • Malvaron: "All right, guys, get ready for an insane day. According to these charts, the dark star is about to intercept with the star of Gygax."
  • Princess Arkayna: "An eclipse?"
  • Malvaron: "A maleficent eclipse. It makes evil creatures stronger and whips them into a vicious frenzy."
  • Mrs. Goldenbraid: "All right, who's ready to have some fun?"
  • Emerald (uncomfortable): "Yeah, fun. It's gonna be so much fun."


  • Eartha: "Destiny has gifted us with a maleficent eclipse."
  • Willa: "Can we go now? Can we, can we? I wanna wreck havoc and destruction."
  • Kasha: "Yeah, Mallory. Shake a tail. We're gonna miss all the fun."
  • Mallory: "Chill, Girls. Nobody shows up to an evil party on time. It's called making an entrance."
  • Proxima: "Vexicons, listen up. Eyes off your devices and on me. Yes, the Mysticons defeated us but never again. Not with this."
  • Willa: "New Vexicon training regime?"
  • Eartha: "But I already have rock solid abs."
  • Mallory: "And we got a killer party to go, so..."
  • Proxima: "Partying is not in your destiny."
  • Willa: "But you don't understand!! It's not just any party-"
  • Proxima: "Silence!! Training starts immediately!!"
  • Mallory: "She's so cute but so clueless sometimes. Willa?"
  • Willa: "Quicker than a Flicker."


  • Zarya: "Huh?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "The eclipse! It doesn't just make evil stronger..."
  • Zarya: "It makes us weaker."
  • Mallory: "Clever girls."


  • Willa: "Out of my way!!"
  • Mrs. Goldenbraid: "Help me, Emerald!! Poo-Tinkle?"
  • Emerald: "Battle Unicorn, Charge!!" Now's our chance."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Oh my goblin! You're OK."
  • Mrs. Goldenbraid: "You're... a Mysticon?!!"
  • Emerald: "Hey, Mom."


  • Willa: "When I get my hand on that little, old lady- Oh, she's gonna pay."
  • Eartha: "So will Mysticon Knight."
  • Proxima: "There you are!! How dare you sneak out!!"
  • Kasha: "That girl looks vexed."
  • Mallory: "Later skater."
  • Eartha: "I quake in fear."
  • Kasha: "Yeah. She's gonna go supernova on us."
  • Mallory: "Not if we capture the Mysticons, and prove our worth or whatever."
  • Willa: "Good idea. They don't a chance against us during the eclipse."
  • Mallory: "Party hard, Girls. Lure the Mysticons to their, hex tag: doom."


  • Zarya: "Huh?"
  • Kasha: "All fizzle and no fight."
  • Princess Arkayna: "We still got a little fight left. Unleash the Dragon!"
  • Mallory: "Are you done yet?"
  • Zarya: "I'm gonna say yes."
  • Mallory: "Eartha, crush it."


  • Proxima (to herself): "Those good-for-nothing Vexicons are worse than children!! I knew I shouldn't have created them!!"
  • Willa: "That party was killer."
  • Proxima: "Well, I'm glad you had fun because you're all grounded forever!!"
  • Mallory: "Overreact much?"
  • Proxima: "You watch your tone, Young Lady."
  • Mallory: "Would you chill already? We brought you party favors."
  • Proxima: "Oh!! The Mysticons."
  • Eartha: "The dwarf is still at large."
  • Kasha: "But we'll hunt her down."
  • Proxima: "But how did you...?"
  • Mallory: "Uh, it was a maleficent eclipse party. Duh."
  • Proxima: "Yes. This is good. We can use this to our advantage. Arrange the Mysticons around the gem. Once the eclipse reaches its peak, the energy of the dark star will reflect through the gem and drain your powers permanently."
  • Mallory: "Or we could just take 'em out now or whatever."
  • Proxima (Slowly, points to Princess Arkayna): "No. They ruined my life. It's only fair I get to ruin theirs!! Say bye to your powers, Mysticons!!"


  • Willa: "Oooh, this is gonna be devastating."
  • Eartha: "The Dwarf!!"
  • Kasha: "You're brave, Girl, but you're a fool if you think you can take us alone."
  • Emerald: "Excuse me!! My mama didn't raise no fool!!"
  • Willa: "Wait, if you're here, then who's..."
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "Howdy!!"
  • Piper: "Way to go, Mrs. Em's mom!!"
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "Let's go, Girls! It's magic time!!"
  • Emerald: "Mom, just fire the orbs."
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "Right."


  • Proxima: "Get them!!"
  • Kasha: "Quick, let's finish 'em off!!"
  • Willa: "Ha! Dibs on the old cleaver."
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "Stop right there, Misses! Is that any way to talk to your elders!!?"
  • Mallory: "Does anyone know what she's saying? I don't speak old person."
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "Stop glyphing and look at me when I'm speaking to you!! And you!!"
  • Willa: "Who me?"
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "You're the worst of the lot!! What kind of fairy gets pleasure from scaring people?"
  • Willa: "One, I'm an imp. Two, everything you're saying, don't really care."
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "Actually neither do I. I was just trying to kill time."
  • Proxima: "The eclipse! It's over!!"
  • Citrine Goldenbraid: "And so are you, Misses!!"
  • Proxima: "UGH!! They foiled me again!! You're all grounded!!!"
  • Willa: "Uh, no thanks. Quicker than a Flicker."
  • Proxima: AGHHH!!"