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"Through My Enemy's Eyes" is the nineteenth episode of Mysticons. It first aired in the United States on December 17, 2017, 8:30 am on Nickelodeon.



The Mysticons follow Tazma to Queen Necrafa's desert prison in a race to retrieve the completed Codex in order to reveal an ancient prophecy of imminent annihilation, only to reunite with an old foe.


In the Episode

  • An amnesic Dreadbane, calling himself "Reginald" (which may indeed be his his true name) seems to reform and escapes in this episode.
  • The Mysticons learn of Dreadbane's unrequited love for Necrafa.
  • Tazma's ultimate goal is to use "the prophecy" to become far more powerful than Necrafa herself.
  • The Mysticons succeed in recovering the great and powerful Codex book from Tazma. Unfortunately, they lose the Dragon Disk to Tazma in the process.
  • Each Mysticon experiences a different hallucination/mirage, due to the intense heat in the desert:
    1. Princess Arkayna hallucinates her smug stepbrother Gawayne in a pool.
    2. Zarya sees several Chokos dance the moves of Orc Bash.
    3. Emerald hallucinates her crush Kasey doing the same and batting his eyes at her; a mirage she likes.

Outside the Episode

  • The parallel dimension where Queen Necrafa was trapped in for one thousand years, due to her defeat at the hands of Imani Firewing, is shown to be a desert wasteland.
  • The Dragon Disk was perfectly capable of revealing the full contents of the prophecy, despite the fact that its powerful ancient magic was thoroughly drained dry by Necrafa herself, once she was released.


  • Tazma: "I...I have information. Wisps of a secret I overheard when I was a starling at the academy. If we find this prophecy, if we can unleash it upon the realm, you could finally take your revenge against Drake City."
  • Queen Necrafa: "See? You do have vision, when properly motivated. Let this mask be your first taste of real power. Find this prophecy and I will grant you more. Much, much more."


  • Gandobi: "So, in light of public opinion, we decided to withdraw your status as outlaws."
  • Nova Terron: "That doesn't excuse your reckless and disobedient behavior."
  • Princess Arkayna: "We all due respect, what you call reckless and disobedient, we call..."
  • Piper: "Nailing it."
  • Proxima: "Hmm."
  • Gandobi: "We also believe a public apology is in order."
  • Zarya: "For what? For saving the realm?"
  • Piper: "Like a gazillion times?"
  • Gandobi: "Malvaron, how nice of you to finally join us."
  • Princess Arkayna: "We were just leaving."


  • Princess Arkayna: "We're constantly protecting the realm, like when we created our own Dragon Disk, or when we unified the Codex, for Gygax sake!! And they want an apology!!?"
  • Emerald: "Yeah, they grind my gears, too. But maybe we should hear 'em out."
  • Piper: "Wow. Malvy's really giving it to 'em."
  • Malvaron: "Sorry I'm late. I was playing Avatars of the Apocalypse and had to get the next save point."
  • Princess Arkayna: "But if you're here, then who's...?"


  • Malavaron: "Evil is not a good look for me. Tazma!!"
  • Tazma: "Can't fool you, Little Brother. Got what I came for."


  • Proxima: "Star Master, are you OK?"
  • Nova Terron: "The Prophecy."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Prophecy? What prophecy?"
  • Gandobi: "It predicted apocalypse. Only Nova Terron knew where to find it."
  • Zarya: "And now Tazma does."
  • Malavaron: "Did I mention I hate my sister?"
  • Gandobi: "Stop her or the realm is doomed!! Doomed I say!!"


  • Tazma: "According to the memories I stole from Nova Terron, we need the Codex to reveal the prophecy."
  • Queen Necrafa: "But I threw the Codex into the portal after I was released."
  • Tazma: "I promise you, we will find a way to retrieve it."
  • Queen Necrafa: "No. You will retrieve it. Personally. "
  • Tazma: "What? No, I-"
  • Queen Necrafa: "Do not return without it."


  • Piper: "I love interdimensional travel!!"
  • Emerald: "When will this thing stop spinning?"
  • Zarya: "Hopefully before the Princess hurls."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Unleash the Dragon! What are you doing!!?"
  • Emerald: "He might have information about the Codex. And he's not exactly acting like himself."
  • Zarya: "Cracked his dome. Maybe that's why he doesn't remember us."
  • Emerald: "I don't think he remembers him. Come on, Dreadbane. It's okay."
  • Dreadbane: "Who is this Dreadbane? My name is Reginald."
  • Piper: "Nice to meet ya, Reginald."


  • Dreadbane: "I am but a humble garner."
  • Princess Arkayna: "You're a monster!!"
  • Emerald: "Arkayna, wait. I know this is hard."
  • Princess Arkayna: "He took my parents from me, Em. I can't just forgive him."
  • Emerald: "No, you don't have to. But you need to at least work with or we'll never find the Codex."


  • Princess Arkayna: "The flowers are his queen. Em!!"
  • Emerald: "On it. Projecting aerial scan."
  • Zarya: "The garden is Necrafa."
  • Piper: "What's that sparky thing in her eye?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "The Codex!!"


  • Dreadbane: "Dragon Mage, look out!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Reginald, are you OK?"
  • Dreadbane: "Reginald is no more. I am Dreadbane!!"
  • Zarya: "Great. Now he gets his memory back."
  • Piper: "I miss Reginald. Fly, Phoenix, Fly!"


  • Dreadbane: "Necrafa will betray you the way she betrayed me, Mage!!"
  • Tazma: "Never!! I'll rule by her side while you perish in this wasteland!!"


  • Queen Necrafa: "What!!? The Mysticons?"
  • Zarya: "Hey. Love what you done with the place."
  • Queen Necrafa: "Tazma!!"
  • Tazma: "Not to worry, my queen. I will stop them!!"


  • Princess Arkayna: "You know, I actually feel a little bad for Dreadbane. But, thanks to him, at least we have this."
  • Nova Terron: "Excellent work, Mysticons. The Disk- Where is the Dragon Disk?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Tazma must've ripped it off during the fight."
  • Nova Terron: "The Disk was the key. Under a full moon, it projects the prophecy."
  • Gandobi: "You had one simple quest: Stop Tazma from getting the prophecy!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Yes, we failed to stop Tazma, but what if we knew the prophecy, too?"
  • Zarya: "Yeah. Could we try to stop it from coming true?"
  • Nova Terron: "Yes, but to project the prophecy, we need the Dragon Disk."
  • Piper: "Don't we have another one?"
  • Emerald: "That's right. The Disk we made, remember?"
  • Nova Terron: "I do, Mysticon Knight. I do."



Name Note
Princess Arkayna Refuses to fall for Dreadbane's nice act, as his memory was erased.
Piper Uses her phoenix bracer's power on Dreadbane after he gets his memory back, saying she "misses Reginald."
Zarya Uses her bowstring to carry her and her three best friends back to the world of Gemina. The same holds true for Dreadbane.
Emerald Uses her unicorn bracer's power to overpower Necrafa and escape with the complete Codex book.
Malvaron Dislikes his elder sister impersonating him as "evil is not a good look" for him. He stands next to Zarya, in the Forge Room, as Nova Terron utilizes the power of the Knockoff Dragon Disk to reveal the contents of the prophecy, and is shocked at the imminent doom it predicts for the realm.
Nova Terron Is forced to give Tazma the info concerning the prophecy and ends up using the Mysticons' gray-colored replica of the Dragon Disk to reveal the prophecy he himself was to keep hidden.
Gandobi Like his Star Master and fellow Astromancers, he is displeased by the Mysticons' recklessness and disobedience.
Proxima Starfall Is unimpressed by the Mysticons' "reckless and disobedient behavior" and is attacked by Tazma, posing as her own brother.
Tazma Is plagued by her own conscience, and eventually succeeds in tearing off the Dragon Disk from the Codex cover and presents to Necrafa.
Dreadbane Uses Zarya's bowstring to escape from the desert prison at the end of the episode.
Queen Necrafa Finds the Mysticons in her throne room, with the Codex book, and tries to stop them from leaving. She is later presented with the great and powerful Dragon Disk, which reveals to her and Tazma a prophecy that depicts "doom for her enemy."