• Hey Moviejunkie2009, my apologies of bothering you. But I have a idea of the main page. How about you can add TIkTok and Vine to the main page where the soical media is. Anyway, would you like Sean Jara to film the movie on 2020 or 2021? You can ask him on twitter. Make sure to send the like about "Mysticons: The Movie". On twitter if you like.  If you forgotten the link, it's there below:

    Have a nice day :)

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    • There are plans of extending the social media icons on the main page up to twenty-eight in the near future. We are also reviewing TikTok and Vine in this process. Currently I'm very busy with several things, just like Sean Jara most likely is with his current projects, while he counts Mysticons to his past ones. It makes little sense to him if he is often contacted about a film, which isn't real yet. Perhaps I will contact him at a later time. You also can do it as that movie is your project, while I'm busy with other wikis like Zoids and Transformers Wiki. Recently I saw you on Tomica Wiki. As you probably know Tomica is related to Transformers and Zoids as all three franchises were created by Takara Tomy. I also run several other wikis about franchises by that company.

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    • Ok. My apologies bothering you.

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    • Hey, I sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if your ok of adding chararchters on the Mysticons: The Movie.

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    • As long as such pages are marked as fanon, there is nothing wrong with it. We would do the fanbase a disservice if we would present fanon as factual content. If you want to make articles about fanfiction characters (or the fanfiction counterparts of canon characters), they should be named like this: "Mysticons Wiki:Fanon/Character/NAME" (for instance the fanfiction version of Zarya Moonwolf).

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    • Moviejunkie2009
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    • Ok.

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