• Hey Moviejunikie2009, I told Tycio about "Mysticons: The Movie". But do you know that he's gonna do it or not?

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    • Tycio is most likely more interested in non-fanon material, rather than in something which isn't real yet.

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    • Ok. But if you have more detail about the movie, than feel free to edit it.

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    • I'm not really sure what it is I'm expected to cover here... is Luren personally planning to create an independent fan-animation?

      If so, how many minutes it is planned to last? Who will provide the voice-acting? Have any trailer previews been released?

      Based on what I see at w:c:MovieFanon:Mysticons: The Movie this may simply be a bunch of promises where people are throwing out dates/names where no product at all has actually been produced yet.

      Without some kind of teaser or a known animation producer putting their reputation behind such a promise, it's difficult to believe this will actually result in something. If it won't, why should we cover it here?

      I could just as easily go and say "hey, I'm making a fan-based crossover between Spider-Man and Harry Potter, debuting in 2023!" but that wouldn't mean we should necessarily cover that on the Spider-Man or Harry Potter wikis. There's no guarantee my SM+HP film will be released, and I have no reputation to back the promise.

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    • Such things typically happen when a fandom almost dies due to the franchise turning inactive. Most users don't want to see their favorite community dying out and becoming a ghost town. So they also sometimes resort to fanmade projects or petitions to get the franchise revived. I would consider the movie a fanmade project and/or wishful thinking. I would indeed like if there was a movie or even a new season. But I rather want to see further confirmation.

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    • I'm all for "let's start a petition for a mysticons movie" and for people to pitch ideas... of course asking someone to continue it with comics or a web series might be more feasible.

      If we look at what happened with Teen Titans as an example, it ended in 2006, and then Teen Titans Go brought it back in 2013, so it's possible for something to be down for 7 years then come roaring back, albeit with 11 minute stories rather than 22 minute ones.

      I've seen some decent storytelling done with 11 minute blocks so it wouldn't necessarily have to become a non-serious parody (though Mysticons had plenty of levity to begin with!) to shrink in size.

      Fanfics, commissioning art, and encouraging crossovers with other franchises seem like good ways to expand the base and keep them in people's minds.

      I'm thinking perhaps we could reach out to others who feel this way about other interesting stand-alone abandoned series that don't feel entirely concluded... Di Gata Defenders is one I've mentioned before, but I believe there are probably dozens...

      Maybe there is already a group to raise attention for cool abandoned scifi/fantasy shows like these where we could work together to pitch ways to bring them back?

      OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is very crossover friendly, I wonder if maybe the creators of these abandoned shows would lend their rights to that if they'd be open to cameoing them?

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    • Ok. But is it really serious about the movie? Because it will exist on 2021.

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    • Sean Jara would probably choose the date during summer in 2021. I know that the vote of the third season and the movie is poor, That's why I put up the vote of the movie, so you guys could report it to Sean Jara right away. But we have to take this seriously as well about the third season and the movie.

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    • You can put up the page to vote for the movie to happened or not. That's why I posted my blog to this wiki.

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    • You can attened the articles if you want. But my point is that I needed the whole community about it.  But the only people who know about it are Tycio and you. You and Tycio are the helpers, but if more people want to help the article, than they can do it.

      If you want me to leave you alone, than that's fine. 

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