• Slow down. Please think about your articles better.

    Okay, Gygax is good as a single-word article because the name has been invoked several times in just eps 2 and 3 alone, so I've rescinded the Deletion candidacy. But "Harmon" so far has only been attached to just one saying, "Hammer of Harmon", which IF this article is to be used, is probably how it should be Pagenamed.

    More than likely "Hammer of Harmon" should be a line of trivia or catchphrases on Emerald Goldenbraid's page.

    I don't know yet if Moviejunkie2009 has set a policy or Manual of Style for the significance level of such things should be. Or even if he is going to set a policy such as prohibitions on One-Line Articles.

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    • Why bother culling pages so early on? Having pages for things initially mentioned one time (as ALL things are) allows easier recogition if they are mentioned again later. Gygax sounds important to Astromancers and Harmon sounds important to dwarves. These are part of the culture of Drake City if not whatever larger world the city is a part of.

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    • Sweetie, this is not a race to be the first to make pages and content. if anything it needs to be a marathon, slow and steady, instead of a dash.

      Also, PLEASE make an effort to learn the pages which already exist to avoid duplicating them.

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    • I am just making stuff as I watch it. Gotta delete it off PVR so there is no coming back later. Already a day behindĀ :/

      If duping happens a merge is a simple fix, will redirect to best title.

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    • As with short articles or stubs, in a lot of cases it's better if we keep them. We remember from our time on Tenkai Knights Wiki, that it also had stubs. Even Wikipedia had or still has stubs. However stubs should be extended whenever possible. And as Mysticons is a new series which just has aired four episodes, we will keep most articles. However, keep watching the series and add as many as possible including new articles. When Mysticons is over we can still decide which articles should be deleted. As well it would be great if we soon have more than 200 articles, as then we can get the wiki spotlighted in order to get more active members.

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    • Once the show is over, if a topic is judged to be too minor to deserve a full page, instead of deleting it couldn't it be merged into a larger article as appropriate?

      If Hammer of Harmon is never mentioned again by series end, making a note of it somewhere in a section on Emerald Goldenbraid's page and then changing the article name to a redirect to that section would keep the page history intact.

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    • Yeah, merging it into a larger article also is a great idea. However, as said, just see as the series progresses.

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    • Hammer of Harmon seems to be another of Emerald Goldenbraid's catchphrases. She said it again in The Mysticon Kid.

      I only have 3 more episodes from the advanced peek package. After that, I'll be weekly like everyone else *unless* I'm graced with more in the future.

      My thought on catch phrases is to attach them to the one using it until *someone else* uses it.

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    • Yeah, catchphrases are similar to quotes. They should be attached to the one who says it. Quotes can be placed in the trivia section.

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    • There's catchphrases and then there is clear cultural callouts. My guess is the reason we have heard 2 acromancers mention Gygax and 1 dwarf mention Harmon is because... There are 4 recurring a romancers and only 1 recurring dwarf.

      Could always wait until season concludes to merge to Em's page.

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