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The Stolen Magic
Vital statistics
Author Liz Marsham
Illustrator Unknown
Published on August 28, 2018
Published by Unknown
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The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon The Diamond Curse

The Stolen Magic is one of several original novels inspired by Mysticons. It was released on the twenty-eighth of august, on which the animated show premiered.

It takes place sometime after "The Dragon's Rage" and before "The Mask."


Zarya meets an extraordinary "magician"—but then her new friend steals her mystical abilities as Mysticon Ranger. Without them, Zarya no longer feels like part of the Mysticons—and she refuses to let the team help. Zarya got herself in this mess; she’ll get her powers back on her own.



Griffin Mounts



Not from the Animated Series

Locations of Gemina

Drake City

Royal Palace

The Undercity


  • Zarya is addressed by the people of Gemina as "Princes Zarya" even though she has not had her coronation as an official long-lost Princess Twin of Gemina.
  • It is revealed that most techno-magic runs on magic itself; much like technology runs on electricity on Earth.
  • This takes place sometime after "The Dragon's Rage" as Zarya is known as Arkayna's fraternal twin sister and is addressed as "Princess" by Amileth and others.
  • As an elf possessing longevity, Piper was forty years old when Wells Comet came out the last seventy years; long before either Emerald or Arkayna and Zarya were even born.
  • It is revealed that Sword's Rest is the resting place of the noble Sky Lancers who fought alongside the very first Mysticon Dragon Mage, Imani Firewing, at the Battle of Victory Heights, one thousand years prior, when she defeated Necrafa at the cost of her own life.
  • The Mysticons' do not utilize their mystical animal bracers.


  • Piper: "Wells' Comet appears over Gemina once every-"
  • Zarya: "Once every seventy years. We know, Pipes."
  • Piper: "You didn't see it last time. Last time I was forty."


  • Amileth: "I have thought before about building enough lights to perform large-scale illusions. Something that would cover a whole building or an arena."
  • Dreadbane: "Bigger. Much bigger. And I'm not talking about a mere illusion. I'm talking about removing the trouble that plagues us both. I am taking about taking magic away...from all of Gemina."


  • Piper: "The comet's made of magic? Then the light'll kill it! Don't take away Wells' Comet, Amileth!! What did it ever do to you?"
  • Amileth: "Try again, Little One. I have very little time for you right now."
  • Princess Arkayna: "You have more time than you think. Mysticon Knight, take 'em apart!"
  • Amileth: "Touch my work and you'll regret it."


  • Zarya: "You know, we never finished our talk from before."
  • Princess Arkayna: "I know."
  • Zarya: "I'm really sorry."
  • Princess Arkayna: "You're sorry? I'm the one who made you feel like I didn't trust you."
  • Zarya: "And I acted like a real jerk, trying to prove that I didn't need you. But you know I do."
  • Princess Arkayna: "I'm sorry I worry too much."
  • Zarya: "I'm sorry I get so defensive."
  • Princess Arkayna: "I guess we really do think differently, huh?"
  • Zarya: "But that's the thing. We don't have everything in common. But you know..."
  • Princess Arkayna: "We love each other. "
  • Zarya: "And we get each other."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Most of the time."
  • Zarya: "And I think that's more important, don't you?"