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The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon
Vital statistics
Author Liz Karsham
Illustrator Unknown
Published on August 28, 2018
Published by Unknown
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The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon is an original novel inspired by the 2D animated show of Mysticons. It is an adventure that is set somewhere in the first season. It centers around Emerald Goldenbraid, the second Mysticon Knight.

This original tale takes place sometime after the events of "All Hail Necrafa!" as the lich-queen appears alive, which indicates it is set before the Season 2 finale.


Mysticon Knight Emerald Goldenbraid is contacted by a mysterious spirit who claims to be the original fifth Mysticon from eons ago. Em trusts the spirit, and convinces the other Mysticons to follow her on a quest through another dimension, uncovering ancient rituals and mysteries of the Mysticons of old. But then they discover a terrible secret about the fifth Mysticon―one that threatens to tear the current team apart.

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Second Generation of Mysticons

Original Generation of Mysticons


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(Witnessing a blue-gray image of their long-past predecessors)

  • Zarya: "Hey. Looks like the original Mysticons liked bashing Orcs, too. I gotta try that net-arrow thing."
  • Piper: "Aw. Look at the old me, looking out for the old you. Striker and Ranger, buds forever!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "She looks so commanding."
  • Zarya: "Original you is kicking some serious butt. But I bet you could take that Orc, too."
  • Emerald: "Interesting technique. But I think I'll stick with my shield."


  • Princess Arkayna: "He called you both 'sir.' He thinks we're the original Mysticons."


  • Piper: "Yeah, we know this part. The fifth Mysticon's a baddie."
  • Malvaron: "That's just it. She's not the fifth Mysticon. She's not a Mysticon at all.
  • Emerald: "Oh no."
  • Malvaron: "She fought alongside the Mysticons for a while, as if she were part of team. Her name was Adakite Flowstone, but she called herself 'Mysticon Rogue.' I feel like they should have known something was up when she choose that name. But she had known the original Dragon Mage a long time- they were friends from before the Mysticons were called- so I guess they trusted her. Plus, she was a great tactician and a naturally gifted magician. She shaped- shapes- her magic to look just like Mysticon magic. But none of her abilities come from the Codex."
  • Zarya: "So what went wrong? Sounds like she'd been useful, as long as she kept her attitude in check."
  • Malvaron: "Right in one. She couldn't. She wanted to be famous like the Mysticons, but she didn't want to be part of the team. She wanted to be the star, the most loved, the most feared. Plus, the Astromancers didn't treat her like a Mysticon, which made her mad. And the people of the city didn't adore as much as the rest of the team, which made her madder. So pretty quickly, she gave up on being the most loved and focused on being the most feared. She went where she thought she could get more power: She went to Necrafa."
  • Princess Arkayna:"She betrayed her friends to Necrafa? That's awful."
  • Malvaron: "Sounds like she didn't do it all at once. From what the Astromancers could tell, pretty soon after the Mysticons were called, Necrafa had made the Rogue a secret offer in exchange for spying on the team. The Rogue started feeding Necrafa bits of information; never enough to seriously hurt the Mysticons but just enough to keep Necrafa on the hook for more."
  • Zarya: "Playing both sides."
  • Piper: "She is a sneaky sneak who sneaks."
  • Malvaron: "Or maybe she was conflicted. Who knows? In any case, it didn't last. Imani Firewing noticed how her old friend was changing. She found evidence that Adakite was about to join Necrafa for good and confronted her. Adakite tried to flee, but the Mysticons and Astromancers were ready. They knew the Rogue was too dangerous for any regular prison. So they set up the Chillwaste, just for her."
  • Princess Arkayna: "We have to find her. Was there anything in the Astromancer lore of where she might go?"
  • Emerald: "I have a Seeker Orb in here somewhere. Would that work?"
  • Malvaron: "The Rogue is very good at hiding. She's not gonna be found if-"
  • Doug: "Uh, hey. I found her."



  • Queen Necrafa: "Your work is not done!! Your promised you help dismantle their defenses!!"
  • Adakite: "Change of plans. "


  • Nova Terron: "I remember, a thousand years ago, when the Mysticons had worked with Star Master Alpha Galaga to design the Chillwaste. It was meant to be more than a prison; it was intended as a lesson. Their hope was that Adakite Flowstone would learn from its puzzles and, in learning, win enough freedom to call to the Mysticons for their forgiveness. Imani Firewing's fondest hope was that, one day, her old friend could rejoin the Mysticons as a trusted ally. That hope seems to have failed."
  • Emerald: "Nah. I'm with Imani; there's always hope."


  • Zarya: "Hey, you think Adakite Flowstone will learn anything? She was pretty stubborn."
  • Emerald: "I don't know. Maybe in another thousand years?"


Drake City

Parallel Worlds


  • This is where Zarya first learns of her Ranger bow and arrows useful ability to create a net, from witnessing her unnamed male predecessor do so against orcs in a pale blue image. In the show, she first displayed it in "Game of Phones."
  • Piper referred to the original four Mysticons as "old" versions themselves; referring to the sill unnamed original Mysticon Striker, who was also an elf, as "the old me."
  • More info of Imani Firewing is revealed, though the first names of the original Mysticons Ranger, Knight and Striker still remain unknown.
  • Of all of Gemina's smallest creatures, Imani Firewing's greatest fear was of foz. She and her fellow three Mysticons had this kept a great secret, for fear their enemies would use her greatest terrors against them, particularly Imani, as she was leader of the mystical quartet of heroes. Because of this, she remained in confinement during foz season, every year.
  • We see that orcs were also enemies of the very first Mysticons, too.
  • During her battles against the original four Mysticons, Queen Necrafa had another ally; one that betrayed the Mysticons to her- Imani Firewing's longtime best friend Adakite Flowstone.
  • It was seen that the original Mysticon Knight had used a mystical broadsword, as opposed to what Emerald now wields a "Star Sword."