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The King and Queen are the main monarchs over its main city and of all throughout the realm of Gemina. Centuries ago, it was ruled by a snobbish, tyrannical child-like monarch who called himself "King Lorius the Glorious" who was/is the distant relative and ancestor of Darius, the current king consort, and his son Prince Gawayne; making them distantly related to royalty.

King Lorius' reign was tough and firm, especially since he had forged a magical scepter that gave him the ability take control of the minds of his subjects. It was because of his tyranny and pompous actions, that another royal family, the ancestors of the current queen, rose up against him and ascended the throne in their own right. This lead up to the royal bloodline until the rule of King Goodfey (until his untimely death) and Queen Goodfey, and the birth of their prophetic twin daughters.

About the King and Queen

Season One

  • "I just wish there was something I could do to bring them back."
  • "Since Mom and Dad got turned to bone, I get to be king."
  • "They're also the ones who can help us save my parents!!"
  • "We're hopeful that power of the Dragon Disk will free the King and Queen from Dreadbane's curse."
  • "If you want to save the King and Queen, you'll have to trust me."
  • "If we have a shot at saving the King and Queen, I'm all in."
  • "Sorry to hear about the royal family."
  • "With the power of the Codex, what happened to the King and Queen is child's play."
  • "If we're gonna save the realm and my parents..."
  • "Witness the ruin and destruction, then I'll turn you all to bone, just like your pathetic king and queen!!"
  • "I promised the Princess we would use the Codex to free her parents from Dreadbane's spell."
  • "Without the Codex I can't save my parents!!"
  • "Did you get 'em?"
  • "Wasn't easy, but I got 'em."
  • "This might be our only chance to save Arkayna's parents."
  • "I'd like o help you save your parents."
  • "All I wanted was a chance to save my parents before we destroyed the Codex."
  • "But they're almost free!!"
  • "The sooner we get my parents out of the ocean, the sooner we can deal with Necrafa!!"
  • "No, I'm not leaving them!!"
  • "I need to find them now!!"
  • "Let's find my parents. We can explore later."
  • "Zarya...they're gone."
  • "Those statues mean the world to me!!"

Season Two

  • "Mom and Dad are gone and they're never coming back!!"
  • "They're gone...forever."
  • "We need you to free the Queen and King from your curse."
  • "We'll find another way to free them."
  • "Aw! They're trying to save their parents."
  • "How dare you attack the Queen and King!"
  • "Protect the statues! If we lose them, we lose everything!!"
  • Grab the King and Queen!!"
  • "Quickly. Take me to the King and Queen."