"The Foz Who Saved Lotus Night" is the thirty-fourth episode of Mysticons, and the fourteenth episode of its second season.

It is the first episode to air in August 2018 on Nicktoons.



Deeva makes a magic zombie dust to teach the selfish The Vexicons a lesson, but the dust turns her into a zombie and soon infects everyone in Drake City, with the Mysticons are out doing last minute shopping, it’s up to Choko to save the day.


In the Episode

  • This is the first time Proxima admits that the Vexicons are her "family."
  • This is Princess Arkayna and Zarya's very first Lotus Night as twin sisters.
  • Despite having three sisters, ice/snow witch Mallory only loves herself and gives presents that only satisfy her needs.
  • The miniature Celestial Forge makes a second appearance since "The Astromancer Job", in which the Mysticons used it to create their dark gray knockoff Dragon Disk.
  • This marks the final appearance of the statues of the late Imani Firewing and her three fellow Mysticons.
  • Final time that the only Mysticon powers ever used: "Pixie Blast" and telekinesis

Outside the Episode

  • This is the first Holiday episode of the show, and to be narrated by supporting character Barnabas.
  • A fairy-like organization, Zippy Pixie, is Gemina's version of Earth's E bay or


  • Princess Arkayna: "I want this Lotus Night to be extra perfect for Zarya. It's our first one as sisters. Ooh, Here comes her gift now! I love Zippy Pixie.
  • Piper: Ooh! What is it? What is it?
  • Princess Arkayna: "Only the best Zarya gift ever! It's a limited edition custom-engraved- scented candle!!?"
  • Piper: "Huh! Grotty! Ogre sandal."
  • Princess Arkayna: "This isn't what I ordered!!"


  • Willa: "Best Lotus Night ever!!"
  • Kasha: "What else is on?"
  • Proxima: "Willa, Kasha!! Get off that screen and come decorate the tree this instant!!"
  • Willa: "Fun times, Proxima Starfall."
  • Proxima: "Lotus Night is a time for families, good and evil, to come together!!"
  • Eartha: "I couldn't agree more, Star Mistress. Magnificat."
  • Proxima: "Mallory, get your icicles over here."
  • Mallory: "Yeah, I don't do Lotus Night except for the gifts part, which is taking forever."
  • Willa: What did you get us?"
  • Mallory: "Hon, you only buy gifts for people you love. So I only bought presies for moi. Finally. Took you long enough, Zippy Pixie. AHHH!!!"


  • Eartha: "Get aftershock!! What in the realm is going on?"
  • Willa: "What's with the gross glitter?"
  • Mallory: "And drool? Nasty."
  • Kasha: "It's the Mysticons."
  • Zarya: "You wanna go? Let's go."
  • Malvaron: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Lotus Night is about peace and goodwill for all."
  • Doug: "Exactly. So put down the magic and try to be festive, okay?"
  • Malvaron: "Maybe we should sing more Lotus Night carols?"
  • Mysticons and Vexicons: "NO!!"


  • Princess Arkayna: "You did it, Choko. You saved Lotus Night."
  • Zarya: "Yeah but your jerk of a sister didn't get you a gift in time."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Please. The only gift that matters is that I get to spent tonight with my sister and my B.F.F.s."


Characters Notes
Choko Is the central character in this episode.
Proxima Demands that her "daughters" Willa and Kasha decorate the Lotus Night tree, firmly stating that all families, good and evil, must come together on Lotus Night.

Turned into a zombie, she uses her evil, top star magic to get rid of a hat Doug put on her to be "festive" and told the Mysticons to "enjoy the peace while it lasts" and orders Willa to typhoport them away

Princess Arkayna Is excited that this Lotus Light is her very first holiday with Zarya Moonwolf as her long-lost twin sister. She and Piper go through Drake City to find another gift.

She is later the last Mysticon turned into a mindless zombie.

Zarya Tried to get her twin sister a video game, which she had actually got for herself, but is unsure what to "give the Princess who's got everything."

She and Emerald get ingredients for a "shampoo of the gods" but gives her twin the final ingredient to make the glitter antidote.

Barnabus Dingleknot Narrator of the episode
Malvaron Sings Lotus Night carols with Doug, and reminds the Mysticons, Vexicons and Proxima that Lotus Night is a night of "peace and goodwill for all."
Gawayne Sees his butler as a zombie, not noticing the unusual effects.
Gawayne's Butler (final appearance) Gets turned into a zombie.
Imani Firewing (final appearance; statue) It is her eye, from which Zarya obtains reflected moonlight to make the final ingredient.
Original Mysticon Ranger (final appearance; statue)
Original Mysticon Striker (statue; final appearance)
Original Mysticon Knight (final appearance; statue)
The Vexicons Proxima angrily demands Kasha and Willa to decorate the Lotus Night tree with her and Eartha. Mallory waits on her blue cellphone for presents she got for herself.

After returning to their old bad selves, they get ready to engage the Mysticons, but leave with their Star Mistress.

Deeva Angry that she wasn't given a holiday present, she gets back at Mallory by using the miniature Forge to make zombie dust. However, her plan backfires, turning herself into a zombie which infects everyone else via physical contact.
Kymraw Sneaks into the Stronghold with her orcs to help her "most annoying client" make Lotus Night a disaster.

After being turned back to normal via the glitter antidote, she seems to enjoy giving joy rather than destroy it.

Road Ragers (final appearance) Appear the Stronghold to help their boss aid her annoying client put her plan of retribution into action. They mess around the Mini Forge and like the popcorn.
Doug Hadderstorm Sings Lotus Night carols with Malvaron. He tries to get Proxima to "lay down the magic and try to be festive."
Tazma She manages to break out her snow-globe cell and got turned into a tiny zombie, and infected Emerald.


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