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"The Edge of Two Morrows" is the twenty-fourth episode of Mysticons and fourth episode of the second season. It first aired in the United States on February 3, 2018 on Nicktoons.



Fed up with always having to save the realm, Piper finds a magical coin and accidentally alters all of space- time when she wishes that she, Zarya, Em and Arkayna were no longer Mysticons.


In the Episode

  • Instead of Zarya and Piper stealing the mighty Dragon Disk for Tazma, it is Mathis.
  • Dreadbane turns Princess Arkayna (whom he addressed as "Princess Goodfey") to solid bone in place of her mother, who was saved by Piper's flower soporific pollen.
  • This marks the Panhandler's speaking debut.
  • Binky's second and final appearance in the show; used as a decoy for Dreadbane in place of the first fragment of the Codex.

Outside the Episode

  • The girls' fight Tazma and Necrafa in the exact same alley that Zarya and Piper were in when Tazma (in her clocked form) had been tricked by being given a false Dragon Disk in the series premiere.
  • Tazma's shadow monsters speak for the first time. They are also revealed to possess the ability to take on various forms.
  • Binky, the exploding toy that twelve-year-old Zarya had given a younger Piper when they had first met (see Episode 8), appears.
  • In the 2003 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 3 episode "Same As It Never Was" Donatello is thrown in a thirty-year apocalyptic, dystopian alternate future, in which he finds that much has changed since sudden "disappearance" and that his three brothers have gone their separate ways since the demise of Master Splinter.

In this case, Piper is sent to an alternate past.


Name Note
Emerald Goldenbraid In an alternate timeline, refuses to help Piper at first and returns to Rudick's Hollow after Arkayna was turned to stone. She later helps Piper and Zarya.
Zarya Moonwolf In the alternate timeline, realizes that Piper is telling the truth after they went to Rudick's Hollow and helped Piper return to her timeline. In the normal timeline, she does not believe Piper's story about the alternate timeline.
Piper Willowbrook Under stress and fear, unintentionally alters space-time with the coin she found. She later regrets making her wish, and does to set it right.
Princess Arkayna Is nearly taken by Necrafa and Tazma, but is saved at the last moment, thanks to Piper's life-changing wish. Turned to stone by Dreadbane in alternate timeline.
Panhandler (speaking debut) Secretly leaves a magical coin that sends Piper to an alternate reality, so she can accept her destiny as the second Mysticon Striker.

He express the hope that Gygax's star will guide the second generation of Mysticons on their adventures to save the realm of Gemina.

Malvaron In this alternate reality, he goes after Piper and Zarya to claim the Dragon Disk, with the aid of Gandobi and his elder sister. He is surprised that Piper knows his sister.
Tazma In the present, came with her dark mistress to abduct Princess Arkayna, and ensnares Zarya and Emerald in shadowy ropes. She recognizes Zarya and Piper as the thieves who had tricked with a fake Dragon Disk many months ago.
Queen Necrafa Arrives with her specters and Tazma, with the intent of seizing Arkayna, but is stopped due to Piper's implusive time-altering wish.
Choko Is restrained by Tazma's shadow ropes.
Baron Dreadbane Turns Princess Arkayna to solid bone, instead of her mother.
Mathis Hired by Tazma to steal the Dragon Disk in the alternate timeline.
Gawayne Seen at Sky Pies, playing "find the coin" with Mathis. He threatens to toss Mathis in the royal dungeon if he didn't give him his coin back. Zarya expressed her indignation and annoyance of Mathis doing their con with "the Prince".
Panhandler Secretly teaches Piper a lesson in embracing her destiny as a member of the second generation of Mysticons.
Imani Firewing (statue) In the royal Treasury as in the show's premiere
Original Mysticon Ranger (statue) In the royal Treasury as in the show's premiere
Original Mysticon Striker (statue) In the royal Treasury as in the show's premiere
Original Mysticon Knight (statue) In the royal Treasury as in the show's premiere


  • Piper: "All we do is fight, fight, fight! It's exhausting being a Mysticon all time. Why's it always up to us to save the day? Ooh, a gold coin!"
  • Emerald: " 'If your will is strong and your heart is bold, a wish will be granted on a coin of gold'. "
  • Piper: "A wish, huh? Well, I wish- Look out!!"


  • Queen Necrafa: "Grab the Princess!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Quickly, so we can suit up."
  • Zarya: "Great. It's the creeper and the lich queen."
  • Tazma: "It's the thieves, who tricked me with that fake Dragon Disk."
  • Zarya: "Yep. That was pretty sweet."


  • Queen Necrafa: "Come, Princess. Face your destiny."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Piper, help us!!"
  • Piper: Arkayna!! It's too much!! I wish we weren't Mysticons and we could all just be safe!! Huh? Arkayna? Zarya? Em? They're...gone."



  • Zarya: "Whoa. It's magic."
  • Piper: "Forget it. It's probably cursed."



  • Piper: "Oh, no! I have to save the Queen."
  • Zarya: Piper!!"
  • Queen Goodfey: "Who are you!! What are you-"
  • Piper: "Nighty night, Your Highness. I saved her!! I saved her!! Now Dreadbane can't turn her to bone."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Hold the line!!"
  • Piper: "Arkayna!!"


  • Princess Arkayna: "Who are you!!?"
  • Dreadbane: "I am your doom. Unlock the Treasury."
  • King Darius: "You'll never get the Dragon Disk."
  • Princess Arkayna: "NO!!"
  • Dreadbane: "The Disk, now, or the dwarf gets it."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Never!!"
  • Dreadbane: "Very well, Princess Goodfey."
  • Piper: "Arkayna!! NOOOO!!!"


  • Piper: "You'll never get the Disk, Tazma!!"
  • Malvaron: "You know my sister!!?
  • Piper: "More like do you know your sister?"


  • Piper: "Your wishes are supposed to help me, not ruin my life. I wish I could go back home. I wish I could see my friends. I wish I could undo my wish. Sad face emoji."
  • Panhandler: "If you wish to undo this, be the hero you were meant to be."


  • Tazma: "Once I use it assemble the Codex, the realm will tremble in fear."
  • Emerald: "Tremble in fear? Kinda like you're doing now?"
  • Piper: "Em!! You came back!"
  • Emerald: "Let's go save our girl."


  • Piper: "Everyone ready?

Born of magic and of light

Mysticon Dragon Mage

Ranger, Striker and Knight


  • Princess Arkayna: "I'm so sorry! Who are you?"
  • Piper: "My name is Piper. You're so pretty. I can go back to my timeline!! I can go home!"
  • Emerald: "Wait. You were right. I am a hero."
  • Zarya: "Yeah. Now show Necrafa you are, too and kick some undead butt, Girl."


  • Queen Necrafa: "Come, Princess. Now one can protect you from your fate."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Piper. You saved us!"
  • Emerald: "That was pretty intense."
  • Piper: "Yeah, it was. I wished we weren't Mysticons, so I got sent back to a time before we had magic powers, and I had to find the Dragon Disk so we could become heroes all over again."
  • Zarya: "Your imagination has runaway with you again."
  • Piper: "It wasn't my imagination!! Oh, my goblin! He sent me back so I could learn to 'be the hero I was meant to be.' "
  • Zarya: "Come on. leave Snory Dude, alone."
  • Piper: "Thanks, Snory Dude."
  • Panhandler (to himself) : "May the star of Gygax guide you on your quests, Mysticons."