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"The Dragon's Rage" is the twenty-sixth episode of Mysticons that is set to air at 8:00 am, on February 17, 2018.



Arkayna and Zarya venture off in search of a new weapon to take down Necrafa; Em and Piper must defend Drake City alone.


In the Episode

  • It is revealed that after Zarya was given to Hortensia Q. Sparklebottom, she took Nova Terron's orders to protect her identity as Arkayna's twin seriously, and deliberately switched Zarya's birthstone with Proxima's blue-green one in the orphanage archives; a secret she kept, even from Nova Terron. This proves that Proxima is indeed an orphan who was also given up for adoption, in the care of Mrs. Sparklebottom.
  • The blooming romance between Malvaron and Princess Arkayna is expressed.
  • Emerald and Piper do not utilize their mystical Unicorn and Phoenix bracers.
  • Zarya is seen able to let her mystic lightning arrow home in and lock onto its target.
  • Necrafa was finally destroyed by the Twin Dragons Arkayna and Zarya.

Out the Episode

  • Arkayna and Zarya's mystical bracers are not used, but are seen in a vision as the two long-lost Princess Twins of Gemina assumed their Dragon and Wolf forms.
  • Zarya and Arkayna's transformation into twin dragons is quite similar to the series finale of Legend of the Dragon ( Episode 39, "Heart of the Dragon") , in which fraternal twins Ang and Ling had bonded together, and turned into a colossal two-headed dragon to put an end to the Emperor of the Darkest Ying.
  • This episode is somewhat similar to Twitches, where fraternal twin sisters , Apolla and Artemis (named Camryn and Alex, in the mortal world) were separated for twenty-one long years.


  • Princess Arkayna: "This is crazy! How did this even happen?"
  • Emerald: "First Proxima's her sister, but now she's not because...?
  • Zarya (in bewilderment): "I am?"
  • Piper: "My head is spinning."
  • Gandobi: "Perhaps we could discus this after we dealt with Necrafa?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "We're not saving the realm until we get answers!"
  • Nova Terron: "Very well. It appears after I left you in the care of Mrs. Sparklebottom..."
  • Zarya: "After you baby-snatched me."
  • Nova Terron: "Yes. She took my order to protect your identity seriously and switched you. She hid this, even from me. Proxima's history was a complete fabrication."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Proxima! Proxima!"
  • Nova Terron: "I am truly sorry."
  • Zarya: "You tore me from my family."
  • Emerald: "Hey, hey. The most important things is: You're together again."


  • Zarya: "I think we had a vision."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Of two rings, floating in the air."
  • Nova Terron: "By the stars, a binary vision."
  • Malvaron: "Due to your bond as the prophetic twins."
  • Nova Terron: "Gandobi, a blank scroll."
  • Piper: "Oooh. Your vision's so sparkly."
  • Zarya: "A map."
  • Malvaron: "It looks like it leads to Mount Tyranus."
  • Princess Arkayna: "That's were we'll find the rings."
  • Piper: "What's so special about 'em?"
  • Nova Terron: "You have a vision of them for a reason. Fail this quest and you doom the realm."


  • Zarya: "This is awesome. Our first quest."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Uh, we been on a gazillion quests."
  • Zarya: "Yeah butt his is our first one as sisters."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Uh huh. Look, about this sister thing..."
  • Zarya: "We're here. Tower."
  • Princess Arkayna: "What?"
  • Zarya: "Come on, Sis. Last one up is a dirty, rotten princess."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Really?"
  • Zarya: "Questing with you is so much fun. Race you to the top, Sis!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "I miss being an only child."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Fifty flights of seer terror."
  • Zarya: "I know. Wasn't it awesome?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "It's the rings. Lets grab them and go."
  • Zarya: "What's up, Chokster? Arkayna, wait!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "What, afraid I'll beat to it? Whoa. The vision didn't say anything about razor-sharp protection magic."
  • Zarya: "Don't worry, Sis, We got this."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Hey, watch the tiara."


  • Nova Terron: "Nothing like the apocalypse to get the blood pumping. I feel so alive!!"
  • Malvaron: "Yeah. Let's keep you that way."
  • Emerald: "We have to free those civilians."
  • Piper: "On it. Hoop-a-bunga!!"
  • Emerald: "Please walk in any orderly fashion. It's been a pleasure defending you. Innocent civilians?"


  • Princess Arkayna: "Thanks, Sis."
  • Zarya: "Don't mention it.
  • Princess Arkayna: "Wait. I'm sorry I didn't seem happy that you were my sister. It's just with the prophecy and Proxima and everything else; it's been so confusing. But I'm happy. I am. No, for real! I love you!!"
  • Zarya: "Ouch.
  • Princess Arkayna: "I Iove you!! I love you. I love you."
  • Zarya: "Okay, okay. That's more like it."
  • Princess Arkayna: "I love you, Sis."
  • Zarya: "You're the right: the sis thing is kind of annoying. Now let's get that bone-drone and save the realm."


  • Proxima: "No, Tazma. This academy is greater than you or your queen will ever be!!"
  • Tazma: "You are powerful indeed, Mage, but your talents are wasted defending those who deceived you."
  • Proxima: "Silence!!"
  • Tazma: "First your the twin, then you're nothing? Join me."
  • Proxima: "Never!!"



  • Princess Arkayna: "Oh my goblin! This is gonna be amazing. We can stay up all night, and tell each other secrets! We can write sister diaries together! Ooh, I have to get you your own quill!"
  • Zarya (sarcastically): "Quills. I love quills."


  • Nova Terron: "Proxima, I am sorry. I only hope you can forgive me, forgive us for interfering with your life."
  • Proxima: "Time heals all wounds, does it not, Star Master?"


Character Notes
Princess Arkayna Quickly welcomes Zarya as her twin sister, oblivious that she ignoring a deeply hurt and lonely Proxima.
Proxima Upon learning that she was nothing but a decoy to protect Zarya, she is naturally thoroughly heartbroken and profoundly dejected. She appears to "forgive" her star master for interring with her life, as she stated that "time heals all wounds."
Zarya Is angry at Nova Terron for what he did, but is happy with Arkayna being her sister.
Emerald Remains with Piper and the Astromancers to try and fend off the spectral dragon and Necrafa. Recruits Kymraw to help fight Necrafa.
Piper Remains with Emerald and the Astromancers to try and fend off the Spectral Dragon and Necrafa.
Malvaron His affections for Arkayna begins to bloom more at the ending of the episode.
Gawayne Shows up later in the episode being not very useful like always
Nova Terron Tells Proxima and the Mysticons that Hortensia likely switched the birth gems to protect the twin's identity.
Tazma Tries to get a deeply hurt and heartbroken Proxima to join her, as she is wasting her extraordinary talents defending those who have deceived her.
Queen Necrafa Finally destroyed by the combined strength of Zarya and Arkayna, who had used the yellow rings to transform into "the twin dragon", leaving a fragment of her sinister mask behind.
The Spectral Dragon Is destroyed, along with its rider, by the Princess Twins of Gemina's combined might as "the twin dragon."
Baron Dreadbane

Is ready to give the rings to "his queen", believing that she does love him. When Arkayna manages to convince him otherwise, he drops the rings and flies off to parts unknown.

Kitty Boon Stays with Piper to defend the city.
Kasey Boon Goes with Emerald to get Kymraw's help.
Kymraw After losing to Emerald, helps the Mysticons protect the city.