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The Dome is the fourteenth episode of Mysticons. It first aired in the United States on November 05, 2017 at 8:30 am on Nickelodeon.



While Princess Arkayna desperately tries to bring her parents' bone forms to land, Zarya is in charge of the team, as Queen Necrafa begins her all-out attack on modern world of Gemina.

The Astromancers raise a protective dome to hold off the ancient lich-queen, but Necrafa plans to use Drake City's own defenses against them.


In the Episode

  • After being imprisoned for an entire millennia, Queen Necrafa of the Undead encounters the modern world of Gemina for the very first time. She also encounters the second generation of legendary Mysticons, whom she considers "mere children" to their four predecessors.
  • The new top Astromancer Proxima demands that the Mysticons be "brought to justice" in retaliation for Emerald leaving a star-shaped scar on her right cheek.
  • Emerald utilizes her pink Energy Shield in addition to her pink-and-purple Star Sword.

Outside the Episode

  • Queen Necrafa encounters the second generation of legendary Mysticons, whom she considers nothing but "mere children."
  • Emerald does not use her pink mystical Unicorn Bracer.
  • A "Star Dome" is a green shield (as its name suggests, is in the shape of a dome) composed of pure star energy that the ancient Astromancers had recently designed after the meteor attack in "Skies of Fire."
  • Second and last appearance of the Crystal Archipelago.


Name Note
Princess Arkayna Leaves Zarya in charge, as her second-in-command, as she desperately searches for the statues of her beloved mother and stepfather in the depths of the sea.
Zarya Moonwolf Pressured of having to take the lead in Arkayna's stead, she vows to take down the recently released Queen of the Undead, and her army.
Piper Willowbrook Helps Emerald distract the Astromancers, so she can disable the dome.
Emerald Goldenbraid Confronts Queen Necrafa for the first time and later accompanies Piper on a mission to disable to dome with her dwarf gadgets.
Kitty Boon Inspires Zarya with a plan to stop Queen Necrafa from turning the people of Drake City into undead zombies by "finding the angle."
Kasey Boon Helps in fending off Necrafa's spectral army.
Malvaron Combines his incredibly strong astromancer magic with his fellow astromancers to defend the city from Necrafa by erecting a dome-shaped shield of protection.
Nova Terron He and other astromancers combine their immensely powerful magic to erect a dome-shaped shield to defend Drake City.
Proxima Starfall Angrily declares that the Mysticons be "brought to justice" for giving her a star-shaped scar on her right cheek.
General Tibion Awaits the first orders from his queen and mistress, and is mutated into an undead specter. This transformation makes his voice deeper and gives him the ability to generate rays of red dark energy from his claws.
Queen Necrafa Resumes her role as Queen of the Spectral Hand and confronts the new Mysticons for the first time. Her plan is to turn all citizens into spectral zombies to serve as her minions. Her plan stopped, she flees.
Tazma Grimm Shorts the star dome for awhile and introduces the Queen of the Undead to the new Mysticon Dragon Mage. She gets between Zarya and Princess Arkayna, saying that they have to get through her first to deal with Necrafa. She is blasted by her own brother and teleports away in a wisp of shadows.
Queen Goodfey (bone statue & vision) Her statue us unsuccessfully brought to the surface, but a vision of her appears before Arkayna, assuring her daughter that they will be together again but that she first must do her duty as the Dragon Mage and save the realm.
King Darius (bone statue) Like his wife, his statue is unable to be brought to the surface.
Gawayne Allegedly inspires his people of the royal guard's strength and courage to defend them all from Necrafa's evil.
Gawayne's Butler (cameos)
Serena Gives Drake City's citizens a televised view of Gawayne's "inspiring" speech.


  • General Tibion: "We await your orders, my queen."
  • Queen Necrafa: "Of course you do. But first, a little makeover. Much better."
  • Tazma: "Wait! I'm an ally."
  • Queen Necrafa: "How so, Mage?"
  • Tazma: "I helped Dreadbane free you."
  • Queen Necrafa: "Dreadbane. What a pathetic excuse for a henchman."
  • Tazma: "No!! What if I told you I could help you defeat the Mysticons?"
  • Queen Necrafa: "Lies!! The Mysticons are no more. They perished fighting me."
  • Tazma: "No! The Codex has chosen new Mysticons."
  • Queen Necrafa: "New Mysticons?"
  • Tazma: "Spare me and I can help you get the revenge you seek."


  • Queen Necrafa (unimpressed): "These are the new Mysticons? They are mere children."
  • Piper: "You have a problem with kids?"
  • Zarya: "She does now."


  • Queen Necrafa: "I will destroy you, Mysticons!!"
  • Zarya: "Don't worry! I got ya!!"
  • Piper: "Do I look worried? Fly, Phoenix, Fly!!"
  • Queen Necrafa: "No!!"
  • Piper: "Ha! Vanqueenished! Mysticons rule!!"


(A vision of the Queen appears from the fragments of the Crystal Archipelago)


  • Princess Arkayna: "You sure know how to pick your evil masters, Tazma. From bonehead to fashion-challenged hag. I mean, what's with the mask?"
  • Tazma: "Necrafa meet the Dragon Mage. Dragon Mage meet your doom."
  • Queen Necrafa: "Greetings, Child."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Necrafa! Pretty weak for doom."
  • Queen Necrafa: "You have a fire in your eyes, Child. A fire that I will extinguish."


  • Gawayne: "Stupid, Dragon Mage! Who you in? Or you? This balcony is for royal only, so..."
  • Queen Necrafa: " I am royalty. I am the queen of the undead. Seize her!! Watch, Dragon Mage! Watch as you and everyone under this dome are turned into my undead servants."
  • Zarya: "Do the evil laugh thing. I dare you."
  • Queen Necrafa: "You will pay for your insolence."
  • Zarya: "Nah. Put it on my tab."


  • Queen Necrafa: "You are too late, Mysticons."
  • Zarya: "Time to Howl!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Release the Dragon!! What's going on?"
  • Zarya: "Piper did it!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "No."
  • Malvaron: "It didn't shut down the dome."
  • Queen Necrafa: "You lose, Mysticons. Prepare for the age of Necrafa!!"
  • Zarya: "Who said anything about shutting it down?"


  • Piper: "Sorry but we need to shut down the dome."
  • Proxima: "I don't think so!!"
  • Emerald: "Uh oh! I think we angered, Specs."


  • Emerald: "Come on!! We're the good guys here! Just let us do what we need to do!"
  • Proxima: "How dare you invade the hallowed halls of the Astromancers."


  • Queen Necrafa: "You may have won this day, but your time in this world is limited. I will not rest until you are wiped from the face of the realm."


  • Nova Terron: "Proxima, are you all right?"
  • Proxima: "I will be fine, Nova Terron. Once the Mysticons are brought to justice."