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Striker Energy Hoops are three, yellow hoops which act as boomerangs that are capable rending victims unconscious when hit by them from a distance.

They can also be converted into a thin, yellow glowing rope or grappling hook that carries Mysticon Striker around for faster midair transport, similar to the pink Knight Energy Shield.

Its known users are:

About Striker Energy Hoops

  • "It didn't do anything. Yay! It did something!"
  • "You have my hoop."
  • "Do your thing, Hoopie."
  • "Hoop-a-bunga!!"

Chapter Books

  • "Get 'em, Hoopie!"


  • In the French animated shows Code Lyoko and the cancelled live-action/CGI sequel, Code Lyoko: Evolution, Yumi Ishiyama's only weapon, her spiked Tessen fans, also act like boomerangs when she throws them at her targets from a distance, in the virtual world of Lyoko.