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"Skies of Fire" is the twelfth episode of Mysticons. It

aired in the United States on October 22, 2017 at 8:30 am on Nickelodeon.



Dreadbane bombards Drake City with meteors, demanding that the Mysticons hand over their three pieces of the Codex. The Mysticons must team up with Kitty Boon and her sky pirates to infiltrate Dreadbane's fortress and save the day





Places on Planet Gemina

Magical Objects of Immense Power

Mystical Weaponry


  • Zarya manages to obtain her dark blue-colored spellbook of the Codex and light blue mystical Wolf Bracer, therefore completing the Codex. Her signature attack is Time to Howl!!" as a wolf communicates via howling.
  • Kitty Boon becomes the second person outside their core group to discover the identities of the Mysticons, the first one is Malachite.
  • Princess Arkayna discovers that Queen Necrafa is, in fact, very much alive, and that Dreadbane intends to release her from the other side of the gateway.
  • Every few years, a special holiday called "Foz Season" comes along, where every type of Foz appears all over the realm.
  • Emerald and Kasey's mutual attraction starts to bud.

Outside the Episode

  • This is the second episode to have "skies" as its title; the first "Scourge of the Seven Skies."
  • This marks the second appearances of Kitty Boon and her younger brother Kasey.
  • Kitty now become Zarya's best friend again after seeing the harm the Spectral Hand wishes upon the innocent, young children of Gemina.
  • Second appearance of Kitty and Kasey Boon.


  • Princess Arkayna: "Someone is sending a message to the entire network. Dreadbane."
  • Dreadbane: "Did you enjoy your fireworks, Drake City? If the Mysticons don't hand over the rest of the Codex pieces within the hour, I will divert the rest of the meteor shower and burn the city to the ground!!"


  • Princess Arkayna: "How did Dreadbane learn to divert an entire meteor shower?"
  • Malvaron: "Tazma must have found a spell in their Codex piece."
  • Zarya: "You mean my Codex piece. If I hadn't let Kitty get the Dragon Disk, this wouldn't be happening."


  • Zarya: "As I was saying, we need your help."
  • Kitty: You got some serious stealth skills, Mysticon Ranger, Now use 'em to get off my ship."
  • Zarya: "Drake City is about to go up in flames, and you don't care?"
  • Kitty: "Like I said: Not my problem."
  • Zarya: "How is the destruction of millions of people not your problem?"
  • Kitty: "Because Drake City did nothing when pirates destroyed my village and took me, my little brother and my best friend, away from our home."
  • Zarya: "That must have been horrible."
  • Kitty: "You have no idea."
  • Zarya: "Actually, I do. Hey, Kitty."
  • Kitty: "By the seven skies. It's you, Z-Star. I wondered why you were such a Mysticon cheerleader. I gotta go tell Kasey."
  • Zarya: "I showed you the truth because I trust you. Now trust me."
  • Kitty: "You want to know how to stop the meteors? I give you up to Dreadbane with the other Mysticons. Do you know how much gold I could get for hero?"



  • Zarya: "Hey, tall, dark and creepy. You got something of mine."
  • Tazma: "The Codex piece! NOOO!!"
  • Emerald: "Battle Unicorn, Charge!!"
  • Dreadbane: "Huh?"
  • Zarya: "Time to Howl!!"


  • Malvaron: "You saved the city, secured the Dragon Disk, and unified the Codex. I think you're finally getting the hang of this whole Mysticon thing."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Malvaron, I saw something in Dreadbane's lair. Necrafa is alive. He's trying to bring her back."