Serena Snakecharmer is a recurring character of Mysticons. She first appears in "The Coronation" but her last name is not mentioned until "The Dome". She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.



She is a medusa who is a media event reporter. As is typical for members of her race, she has yellow snakes for hair. The snakes are able to talk. One is voiced by Mac Heywood.


She quite open-minded, cheery and optimistic on things. She believes in giving the people the best story possible.


Season One

Season Two

Serena in Printed Media

Graphic Novels

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Chapter Books


  • Gawayne initially referred to her as "my media medusa".
  • Gawayne is the first to speak her name, saying "I'm just loving it, Serena".
  • Her name is established by both End Credits and Close Captioning.
  • She reveals full name to her listeners in "The Dome".
  • She is the only reporter in all of Gemina.
  • The snakes of her hair turned zombie with her in her final appearance of the show.

Graphic Novels

  • TBA

Chapter Books

  • She reports the invasion of Necrafa and her specters of the Astromancers Academy in The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon, in which she is revealed to be a gorgon.


Season One

  • "You can feel the buzz in the air."
  • "Let's get a shot of the Mysticon!!"
  • "Because they're heroes."
  • "So, King Gawayne, you brought us here to show us the original Mysticons?"
  • "As we await the dome that will protect us from Necrafa, do you have any words of wisdom?"
  • "What about the citizens?"

Season Two

  • "Aren't you concerned for Lance's safety with all the evil out there?"
  • "King Gawayne, is it true?"
  • "This is Serena Snakecharmer signing off."
  • "A zombie apocalypse."
  • "Consume."