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Season One of Mysticons consists of thirteen episodes for some fans, and twenty-six for others by combing the second season into one. The series premiered on the twenty-eighth of August, 2017 and concluded in October, 2017.

The novelization based entirely on this season is Quest for the Codex.

Original adventures set in this season are:

  • The Secret of the First Mysticon
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


In the magical and mystical world of Gemina, four warriors had been chosen by an ancient mystical artifact- the Dragon Disk- to become "the Mysticons" who had used their unique magical/psionic abilities and weaponry to protect the realm and its people- from ordinary humans, to dwarfs, to elves, to fairies, to centaurs- from an ancient evil known as the Spectral Hand. One millennia ago, the original four Mysticons had perished defeating Necrafa- the undead lich queen of the Hand- which rendered the mighty Dragon Disk dormant.

In the present, master orphaned thieves by the names of Piper and Zarya end up being forced to procure the Dragon Disk from the royal treasury at the palace, in return for their foz friend Choko.


  1. Sisters in Arms
  2. How to Train a Mysticon
  3. The Coronation
  4. The Mysticon Kid
  5. An Eye for an Eye
  6. Heart of Gold
  7. Scourge of the Seven Skies
  8. Lost and Found
  9. The Astromancer Job
  10. A Walk in the Park
  11. A Girl and Her Gumlump
  12. Skies of Fire
  13. All Hail Necrafa!
  14. The Dome
  15. Clash of the Tridents
  16. Gems of the Past
  17. Quest of the Vexed
  18. Mutiny Most Fowl
  19. Through My Enemy's Eyes
  20. The Prophecy Unleashed



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Original generation of Mysticons

Sky Pirates


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Mystical Weaponry

Mysticon Abilities


  • It is unknown whether Gemina is an actual planet or a parallel world one must travel via a portal.
  • The way that teenage girls (two humans, an elf and a dwarf) are chosen to be the second generation of legendary heroines is just like when five teenage girls on Earth being chosen to become the second generation of five Guardians of the Veil, in W.I.T.C.H. Also, Will Vandom happens to be the brave redheaded leader of the Guardians, just as Princess Arkayna is the redheaded leader of the Mysticons.