Scourge of the Seven Skies is the seventh episode in Season 1 of Mysticons. The episode premiered on September 10, 2017 in the United States.



In the Undercity, the Mysticons meet Zarya's old childhood friend, Kitty Boon, who is a sky pirate. Things get suspicious as said pirates begin raiding all around Drake City. Fed up with her friends' disbelief and doubts, Zarya leaves and is shocked to discover that her old friends have been after the Mysticons all along, so that they can claim the ancient, all-powerful Dragon Disk for their employer for gold.

Zarya tries to stop Kitty, who leaves with the Disk in her hands. Because of this, Princess Arkayna considers Zarya to be a "disgrace to the Mysticons" and furiously leaves the Valley of Lost Ships on Izzie, with Piper and Emerald, leaving a tearful Zarya alone. In Dreadbane's hideout, Kitty hands him the Dragon Disk, which he triumphantly presents to his army of undead skeletons, as a circular arch is shown behind.






Mystical Objects

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In the Episode

  • Zarya is expelled from the team as Mysticon Ranger by Princess Arkayna.
  • The third fragment of the Codex,belonging to the Mysticon Ranger, is hidden in the Cavern of the Cosmos, at the Valley of Lost Ships.
  • The ancient, almighty Dragon Disk ultimately falls into the hands of Dreadbane, who intends to utilize its ancient mystical powers to finally release Queen Necrafa herself from her thousand-year long desert prison; courtesy of Imani Firewing's ultimate sacrifice.

Outside the Episode

  • Zarya is from a village outside Drake City, as a girl, in which she lived with her adopted parents for several years and befriended the siblings Kitty and Kasey Boon until she was captured at twelve years old.
  • This is the second time that Doug is absent.


  • Zarya: "Princess, gang, meet Kitty Boon, captain of the Pink Skulls. We were sky pirates back in the good old bad days."
  • Kitty: "When Z-Star said her pal was princess, I thought she meant you were stuck up, not a real princess!"
  • Zarya: "I kinda meant both."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Charmed."
  • Kitty: "Likewise."
  • Princess Arkayna: "OW!!"
  • Zarya: "And Piper, meet my original partner in crime. We've been best friends for like-"
  • Zarya & Kitty: "Forever!"
  • Piper (coldly): "Nice to finally meet ya, O.G."


  • Zarya (sarcastically): "Way to give my friends the royal treatment, Princess!"
  • Princess Arkayna (sarcastically): "Way to throw a party on my balcony without telling me!!"
  • Zarya: "I bet if my friends were a buncha tiara-wearing fako celebrities, you wouldn't have kicked them out!!"
  • Emerald: "To be fair, there's a big difference between a celebrity and a pirate."
  • Piper: "Yeah! Pirates steal stuff."
  • Zarya: "Seriously!? You're gonna hate on my old friends too!?"
  • Malvaron: "Look, we don't wanna tell you who you can and can't hang out with-"
  • Zarya: "Good!! Because it's nobody's business!!"


  • Princess Arkayna: "Watch the hair!!"
  • Kymraw: "Kymraw said she would get revenge. Guess what? It's time! Fly, Dragon Mage, fly!!"


  • Piper: "Party, party party! And no board games! Pft. What's with that?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Was I wrong about Kitty? I hate being wrong!"
  • Piper: "No, I still don't trust her. Maybe Kymraw attacked this ship, but all the other sky raids could've been Kitty and the Skulls."
  • Princess Arkayna: "True. We could check the ship's log and find out."
  • Piper (Gasping): "But that's so sneaky!"
  • Zarya: "Come on, guys, turn it up! Pirate dance party! WAHOO!!"
  • Piper: "Hmm. Sneaky it is."


  • Emerald: "Hey Zarya. What's up?"
  • Zarya (Seeing the hologram of logs): "What's this?"
  • Emerald: "What's what? He, heh, ah, um, nothing!"
  • Zarya (Gasping): "These are Kitty's logs!!"
  • Emerald: "Oh, that. That was THEM!"
  • Zarya: "So you're spying on my friends now?!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "We had to be sure. Pirates raid Drake City, your old pirate friends show up? You have to admit, it seems a little fishy."
  • Zarya: "She saved your life!!"
  • Princess Arkayna (sighing): "You don't get it, Zarya."
  • Zarya: "YOU DON'T GET IT!! I trust Kitty! That's what true friends do!! Argh, I never should've left the Pink Skulls!! We're done!! Come on, Choko!!"
  • Piper (Sadly): "Don't go, Zarya!"
  • Zarya: "See ya from the sky!"


  • Zarya: "They're supposed to be my friends, but after today, I'm not so sure."
  • Kitty: "Listen, I met your friends, and they're cool, but people like that will never understand people like you and me. We're complicated."
  • Zarya: "Remember when life was simpler?"
  • Kitty: "You mean, before Captain Kaos?"
  • Zarya: "Ever been back.... home?"


  • Kasey: "I've got good news and bad news, Captain."
  • Kitty: "Hit me with the bad."
  • Kasey: "According to our instruments there's an unusually large sandstorm moving in."
  • Kitty: "And the good?"
  • Kasey: "We've got a visual on the target."
  • Zarya: "Target? What target?"
  • Kitty: "Here. Check it out."
  • Zarya: "The Valley of Lost Ships?"
  • Kitty: "No, there."
  • Zarya (in surprise): "Your target is...the Mysticons?"



  • Zarya: "Piper?"
  • Piper: "Why are you trying to hurt us?"
  • Zarya: "Hurt you? I'm trying to help."
  • Emerald: "Help!? You joined the Pink Skulls and lead them straight to us!"
  • Zarya: "The bracelet's a tracking device!!"
  • Emerald: "What!!? Is it true!?"
  • Kasey: "I'm sorry."
  • Emerald: "You shouldn't toy with people's feelings!! What a waste of a pretty face."


  • Princess Arkayna: "She'll never make it!"
  • Kitty: "Better go save your friend. "
  • Princess Arkayna: "Ugh!!"
  • Kitty: "You've got your code, I got mine."
  • Princess Arkayna: "You and me aren't done!"


  • Princess Arkayna: "They're getting away! We have to go after them!!"
  • Zarya: "The sandstorm's getting worse. It'll shred us to bits."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Get your hands off me, Sky Pirate!! You're a disgrace to the Mysticons."
  • Zarya: "Arkayna?"
  • Piper: "Are you guys okay?"
  • Zarya: "Piper, you know I never meant to hurt you, right?"
  • Piper: "I don't know what to believe."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Malvaron, we got a problem: Kitty escaped with the Dragon Disk."
  • Malvaron (as a hologram): "And the Codex piece?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Still in the cave, but we need the Disk to get it."
  • Malvaron: "Regroup at the Stronghold."
  • Zarya: "This isn't over. We can find them."
  • Princess Arkayna (furious): "If you'd have let us check the logs, we wouldn't have to!! We'd have known they were up to something!!"
  • Zarya: "Piper, I'm sorry."
  • Piper: "So am I."


  • Kitty: "I've got your Disk thingy. You got the gold?"
  • Dreadbane: "At long last, the realm will tremble before the Spectral Hand!"
  • Kitty: "Wait. What do you want this for?"
  • Dreadbane: "What's it to you, Pirate? You've got your reward."
  • Kitty: "Right. Pirate Code."
  • Dreadbane: "The Dragon Disk is mine!! All Hail, Necrafa!!"



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