Royal Treasury
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Royal Palace
Inhabitants Original Mysticons (of sorts)
The Royal Treasury is a chamber full of precious gemstones, gold and priceless objects belonging to the royal family of the realm of Gemina. In its very center are statues of the original four Mysticons, as a monument of their endless bravery and sacrifice until the very end.

Two of Queen Necrafa's gems, a deep orange and dark blue, were found by Gawayne. It was where the ancient, all-powerful Dragon Disk was kept for the next millennia, after becoming dormant since the premature demise of the four original Mysticons, at the hands of the Spectral Hand.

It is revealed that Gawayne goes to "shower" himself in gold coins.

Known Visitors

Things Inside

  • Stone statues of the original four Mysticons
  • Piles of gold and jewels
  • The orange and blue gems of Queen Necrafa
  • The Draco Diamond


Season One

Season Two

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