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The Ranger Bow and Arrows are the weapon wielded by the Mysticon Ranger of every generation.

It shows that his or her natural skills as a master archer and shot in firing lightning-like arrows to take down their target from a distance; similar to the mystical hoops of Mysticon Striker.

Known Wielders

Ranger Bow and Arrow in Printed Media

Chapter Books


  • Enhanced Marksmanship: At times, Zarya is seen redirecting the direction of her lightning arrow by having it hone in on its target.
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Homing Effect: At one point, Zarya was able to redirect the movements of her arrow by making it lock onto and hone in on its target.


  • In Code Lyoko and the cancelled live-action series, Code Lyoko: Evolution, Odd della Robbia's only weapon are his Laser Arrows, which appear as mere arrowheads and can be fired from his gloves in one straight line. Unlike Zarya, however, he quickly runs out of ammunition and requires a reload almost every time; from ten or ten thousand arrows.
  • In the show, Zarya first displayed the ability to attach a net to her lightning-like arrow in "Game of Phones." However, she discovered this useful skill by witnessing her male predecessor use it in a silent images. This means that The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon is set in the first season between "All Hail Necrafa!" and the rest.