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Queen Goodfey is a minor supporting character of Mysticons who is queen of the people of Gemina and dwells within the royal palace in the heart of Drake City, the center of the planet Gemina.

She was turned to solid bone, and remained so for most of the show, until she was finally restored at the end of the second-to-last episode by the very man who cursed her. She thanked her daughter for finally bringing her back and told her how much she loved her.


Ever since her accession to the throne many years ago, Queen Goodfey has been the brave and strong-willed monarch of the mystical planet Gemina for many years, co-ruling alongside her first husband and longtime love/starmate. Having kept peace and harmony for the people for many years, she knew that the King had to leave to travel across the realm, in order to defend it from any evil that threatened it.

It was some time later that she became pregnant and delivered his children- fraternal twin girls; the Princess Twins of Gemina. Unfortunately, as a prophecy concerning her twin daughters would bring imminent annihilation to the realm, she had the memory of her youngest twin daughter wiped clean by Nova Terron. Believing that she had only one child, she came to raise Princess Arkayna as well as she could, for fifteen years. Upon hearing about the sudden, premature demise of her beloved husband, by unknown causes, a saddened Goodfey dedicated her very life to protecting the realm, to ensure that losing him would not be in vain.

While her daughter was growing up, Goodfey fell in love with a human man named Darius, who already had a son by a previous marriage. She decided to marry again, wanting Arkayna to know what was like to have a father. She continued to rule with a kind and caring heart towards those who adored her as their queen.

Season One

Fifteen years later, Queen Goodfey was on the balcony of the Royal Palace, overseeing her daughter and stepson ride their griffin mounts. She was disappointed that Princess Arkayna appeared to not take this training seriously. She was exasperated when her daughter and stepson fought in the pool, as they clearly needed a reminder of the importance of their training. She had them dry off and meet her in the Royal Treasury before dinner.

As her second husband had gone off somewhere, she presented the ancient almighty Dragon Disk to dwarven, griffin wrangler Emerald Goldenbraid and her uninterested daughter, and how crucial it was for the royal family to guard it from evil until the second generation of heroes were chosen. As she was explaining about just how powerfully magical the Dragon Disk truly is, she was rudely interrupted by Emerald's giggling. Disgusted at Arkayna's belief that it was all a joke, she was was unsure that her daughter could even protect the Dragon Disk, as what had witnessed made her think otherwise. It was then that the Dragon Disk began to suddenly activate, in one thousand years. This amazed her and she prepared to summon the ancient and supremely powerful Astromancers, as they were the only magic users who knew what to do. She asked Arkayna if she now understood the importance of the Dragon Disk, then leaves with her daughter and Emerald, telling the "guards" to not let anyone enter the vault.

Later, Queen Goodfey is seen fighting off skeletons from the Spectral Hand in the Throne Room with King Darius, displaying she is a fierce and capable fighter. When she saw Dreadbane, she is shocked to find him alive before two skeletons restrain her. Dreadbane orders her to unlock the treasury, but before she can Darius defiantly tells Dreadbane that he will never get the Dragon Disk, which gets him turned to bone, devastating Queen Goodfey. She sadly embraced her second husband, but when ordered again by Dreadbane to give him the Dragon Disk, she refused, leading to Dreadbane to threaten her daughter. She tells him to keep Arkayna out of this. When Arkayna arrives at the throne room, Queen Goodfey, fearing for her life, tells Arkayna to run, getting turned to bone by Dreadbane in the process.

After a few months, her and King Darius' bone forms are removed from the Royal Tower by Doug so her daughter and her fellow Mysticons could use the complete Codex to release them from Dreadbane's curse of bone. On Kitty's ship, while the other Mysticons hold off Tazma, Kymraw and the Orcs to give Princess Arkayna and Malvaron enough time to free her and King Darius. Her face is temporarily revived and she is astounded to see her daughter as the Mysticon Dragon Mage. When she saw that the Crystal Archipelago was ready for the Codex and Tazma, Kymraw and the Orcs were almost there, she told Arkayna that she knew what she had to do. She tells Arkayna that she loves her, and Arkayna tells her that she loves her too before stopping the spell, reverting her back to solid bone. Her and King Darius' bone forms fall into the ocean while the Astromancers try to go after Kymraw to get the Codex, devastating Princess Arkayna.

Her and King Darius' bone forms fall deeper into the depths of the ocean. Princess Arkayna's desperate attempts to bring them to the surface fail repeatedly as the seawater's pressure is too much for her. It is then that she appears to her daughter in a vision, assuring Arkayna that they would be together again in time but that her duty as the Dragon Mage, leader of the Mysticons, defenders of the realm, comes first.

Her statue was then found by Queen Truefin of the mythical Mer-Knights of the Silver Trident, to be used as tribute to appease the kraken that constantly harmed her and her young daughter Kelpie. When the Queen of the Mer-Knights saw the error of her ways, she had Queen Goodfey's statue brought to the surface.

Season Two

Many months later, her bone statue is seen in the throne room, as Proxima (the orphaned teenage girl who was believed to be her long-lost twin daughter) admitted her jealousy of Princess Arkayna was only because she got to know "their mother" and that she had missed her her whole life.

In an alternate reality (created inadvertently by wish made rashly by Piper), she had shown the ancient Dragon Disk to Emerald and her daughter, explaining how important it was for the royal family to guard an object of such great power from any evil who would exploit it for dark purposes. Concerned at the Disk's sudden activation, she ordered her "guard" to not let anyone in the vault. She had contacted Nova Terron, via a hologram, stating how serious the situation had now become. Hearing explosions, she was told by the ancient Star Master to protect the Dragon Disk. As she hurried in the hallway, she was stopped by Piper, who had used her magic flower to make her sleep; therefore saving her from petrification.

As the months passed, her bone statue remained in the throne room of the palace, next to that of her second husband and consort. Unaware of what occurs around her, her petrified form is visited by the twin daughter she never knew she had. Zarya was at first unsure about writing a letter to her birth mother, since she was "the daughter she never knew she had." Later, Zarya visited Queen Goodfey's bone statue again, expressing that she could not wait to meet her once she was restored to flesh and blood.

Many days later, her bone statue was brought out of the palace for the Sky Lancers Festival, as she was known to be the greatest of Sky Lancers in her prime.

She is finally restored to flesh and blood, by none other than Dreadbane himself, as the Mysticons needed her help (or rather the crucial information she had kept hidden inside her necklace) in saving Gemina from the Spectral Hand. Finally alive and well, after many months of being apart, she expressed how glad she was that Arkayna had "did it" and that she loves her for it. Queen Goodfey is then introduced to Zarya Moonwolf, the second Mysticon Ranger, and is even more confused when Zarya addresses her as "Mom."

Her brief memories of her long-lost youngest twin daughter restored to her by Nova Terron (off-screen), and she gives the Mysticons her plans for the mystical Lances of Justice to be created via the magical furnace in the dwarven mines. Standing next to her twin daughters as the Lances of Justice were completed, she thanked the stars for bringing Zarya back to her and Arkayna, as she had always felt like a part of herself was missing due to Zarya growing up without her. Leaving her second husband Darius and her subjects to fend off the Spectral Hand's tentacles, she accompanied her daughters and their friends on their mission to stop the Vexicons and obliterate the Spectral Hand once and for all. Riding with Zarya on her faithful griffin Archer, she was impressed at how Zarya used her mystical, lightning-like bow and arrows to sever some of the Spectral Hand's tentacles, stating that she was "a natural born warrior." She was worried when Arkayna was knocked off Izzie by one of the Spectral Hand's tentacles, and she looked on horrified as the Spectral Hand took physical form before the Mysticons could fire their mystical bracers at it.

Back at Rudick's Hollow, Queen Goodfey expressed concern for how to defeat the Spectral Hand now that it had taken physical form, sadly expressing "If only we had hit it before it changed." She listened to Malvaron and Proxima's concerns, then to Zarya as she told everyone her theory of the Spectral Hand's possible Achilles' heel: The Dragons of Light.

Queen Goodfey was amazed at the Mysticons' discovery of the long-lost ruler of the Dragons of Light, King Valmuk, which Piper explained that they found him through his baby daughter Stormy. She also expressed encouragement that if Zarya's theory was right, this could be a game changer in the battle against the Vexicons and the Spectral Hand. In the secret cavern at Dragonhenge, she listened as King Valmauk explained that the Spectral Hand was the ancient adversary of the Dragons of Light since the Dragon Elders had banished and imprisoned it within the Ruins thousands of years. She comforts Zarya when she was depressed by the next generation of dragons being utterly useless until they hatched out of their eggs. She was also displeased when her daughters started arguing, and quickly broke up their fight. When the Vexicons and the Spectral Hand arrived at Dragonhenge, she told everyone that they must hurry if they were to escape, then they ran out of the cave with the eggs. Later, when the group was nearing the portal to the Ever Realm, Queen Goodfey told Zarya she was very proud of her, complimenting that reviving the Dragons of Light was because of Zarya's instincts and unflagging leadership, which prompted angry and jealous outbursts from Arkayna, which she was shocked to hear. Queen Goodfey was later caught and subdued in an ice-cube prison up to her neck by Mallory. When Arkayna and Zarya started arguing, she told her daughters to not fight in front of the enemy, as it would only bring them satisfaction.

After the Spectral Hand was destroyed by the Mysticons, Queen Goodfey stopped Arkayna from kissing Malvaron, as she clearly disapproved. She then apologized to Arkayna, explaining that her excitement at having Zarya back in her life kept her from realizing how it would affect Arkayna. Arkayna thanked her mother for the apology and told her that she loved her. Queen Goodfey in turn told Arkayna and Zarya that she loved both of them equally, and hugged them lovingly.

Queen Goodfey is last seen on her throne, next to her second husband and king consort, Darius, as the remaining Vexicons- a restrained bald Mallory, Kasha and Willa, and a caged Deeva- were taken away by the Royal Guards to be imprisoned. Queen Goodfey sat on her throne, holding her beloved Darius's hand and beamed at him, who beamed right back at her. She is also seen next to Darius near the pool on the balcony of the Royal Tower, and she stepped back as her stepson Gawayne dove into the pool.


Season One

Season Two

Role in Printed Media

Graphic Novels

Her role, either recurring or supporting, is yet to be revealed, though it may shed more light on her getting to know her long-lost youngest twin daughter Zarya more, and revealing more information of her late husband, and having more speaking roles. She probably will meet Proxima Starfall, the current leader and Star Mistress of the Astromancer Academy, and orphaned girl and who was a mere cover-up for her biological daughter.

Chapter Books

Her roles in the original adventure books are yet to be seen, either major recurring or minor supporting character. She probably will meet Proxima Starfall, the current leader and Star Mistress of the Astromancer Academy, and orphaned girl who has thought to be her younger long-lost twin daughter, but was just decoy for Zarya.


"Well, she was- is- brave, strong and smart as the whip of a dragon's tail."

Being the ruler of the realm Gemina, Queen Goodfey is quite strong-willed, courageous and smart in ensuring that her people get everything they need to survive under her rule. She is also a loving mother toward her "only child", having frequently read Arkayna fairy tales, made elven-berry pancakes for breakfast, and worked hard to prepare the realm's future queen for her future responsibilities. She taught Arkayna how to ride her very first griffin when she was a child, told her about the first generation of Mysticons, and enlightened her on the importance of protecting the Dragon Disk from evil.

As Queen of Gemina, she knows the essential importance of putting the safety of the realm before those of her loved ones, family and subjects alike. Not wanting to give the enemies of the realm any satisfaction, she does not approve of any arguing in front of them.

Appearances in Printed Media

Graphic Novels

  • Volume TBA (first appearance)
  • Volume
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King Goodfey

"I wish your father could see you. But he's off keeping the kingdom safe. Yes he is."

The exact circumstances of her romance and union with her first star-mate and husband remain shrouded in mystery. It has been stated that she had loved him dearly, missing him when he was absent from her giving birth to his children: Fraternal twin daughters. She had wished that he could have see how "doubly blessed" he was, but knew that he had to keep their kingdom safe.

She naturally would have devastated upon hearing of his unfortunate fate, as he never returned from his journey. His sudden death is what promoted her grief and devotion to dedicate her very life to defend all of Gemina, so his premature death would not be for naught.

Princess Arkayna Goodfey

"Arkayna, you did it. I love you."

Queen Goodfey's elder twin daughter, believed to be her only child for fifteen years. She dislikes it when she doesn't take the history of the original Mysticons seriously, as it does not prepare her for being the future Queen of Gemina.

Only her face is revived when Princess Arkayna and Malvaron are casting the spell to "turn bone back to flesh". She expresses wonder at seeing her daughter as the great and powerful Mysticon Dragon Mage. She told her daughter that she knew what has to do, even if meant never seeing her in the flesh again.

In a vision, she assured her that they would be together again but she must do her duty as the Dragon Mage, and leader of the second generation of Mysticons, first. She is finally revived in the end of the penultimate episode by Dreadbane himself. Finally reunited with Princess Arkayna, she told her eldest daughter that she did it and that she loves her for it. She is then surprised when her daughter says that there is "someone she needs to meet."

After the realization that she was paying more attention to Zarya, she later apologized, as her excitement of having her long-lost younger twin daughter back in her life had caused her to overlook the fact of how it would affect her eldest twin daughter.

Zarya Moonwolf

"I'm so proud of you, Zarya. This is all because of your instincts and unflagging leadership."

Fifteen years prior, she had given birth to not only Arkayna, but to another daughter as well; fraternal Princess Twins of Gemina. Unfortunately, her brief memories about her were wiped by a reluctant Nova Terron. Her petrified bone form is visited by her fifteen years later in Episode 30.

She meets her long-lost daughter for the very first time at the end of "Fear the Spectral Hand" and expresses confusion when Zarya addressed her as "Mom" instead of "Your Highness".

Her brief memories of the newborn Zarya having been returned by Nova Terron (off-screen) showed how excited she was about having Zarya back in her life. She rode alongside her on Archer during their mission to stop the Vexicons and was impressed by her bravery, saying that she is a natural born warrior. This resulted in her eldest daughter's resentment and jealousy of being left out. She later apologized, saying that she did not think of how her trying to bond with Zarya would affect Arkayna, but assured both of her girls that she loved them equally.

More of her motherly relationship towards her younger twin daughter are to be explored in the graphic novels and chapter books, as the animated show had decided not to reveal it on screen.

Second Marriage

King Darius

The circumstances as to how she first met and married Darius, several years after losing her first husband, is unknown. She was saddened when he was turned to solid bone by Dreadbane, as leverage to force to hand over the Dragon Disk, running to and embracing him tearfully. However, his bone form did not stop her from refusing Dreadbane's order.

Many months later, after she and her second husband were restored to flesh and blood by the dying Dreadbane himself, she and Darius resumed their royal roles as Queen and King of Planet Gemina once more, lovingly holding hands on their thrones and smiling.


Her exact relationship with her stepson has not been expressed. However, she showed displeasure at the way he always used his selfie instead of concentrating more on his warrior training. She does not like it when he and Princess Arkayna bicker. She also looked unhappy when Gawayne choose to leave while she was explaining the origins of the Dragon Disk to go on a date, as it did not prepare him for defending the Dragon Disk or ruling the realm as acting king.

Trusted Allies and Subjects

Nova Terron

Queen Goodfey naturally trusts the ancient leader/Star Master of the ancient Astromancers with her life. Upon the sudden, premature demise of her dear husband and king, she had Nova Terron use his supremely powerful star magic for plans to creating the mystical Lance of Justice to further assist her and her people in defending the realm.

It has been implied that she harbors no ill will towards him, for making her believe that she had given birth the only one child, as she had always known that the interests of the realm came first. The memory she had of her youngest twin daughter, as a newborn, was returned to her earlier, off screen.

Emerald Goldenbraid

"Emerald, shame on you."

Emerald is her loyal subject who she had chosen to live at the palace as the royal griffin wrangler. She appreciates her close friendship with her eldest twin daughter Arkayna. She had showed the female dwarf the Royal Treasury, where the ancient and all-powerful Dragon Disk was kept since becoming dormant after the demise of the original four Mysticons, one thousand years ago. As she explained the purpose of the royal family's duty to guard the Disk from those who would abuse its ancient, mystical powers for evil, Emerald giggled before she could explain the full extent of the Disk's ancient and incomprehensible light magic. This impertinence displeased her.

Many months later, since being revived, she is pleased to meet Emerald again, this time as the second blade-wielding, shield-generating Mysticon Knight.

Malvaron Grimm

She eventually meets the incredibly talented mid Astromancer who has been the Solon and trusty ally of the Mysticons ever since she was turned to bone, months before. Understandably, she does not approve of him making advances towards Arkayna, as she is ignorant of them forming a romance earlier on. When he and Arkayna were about to share a romantic victory kiss, she cleared her throat loudly to show her disapproval.

However, she may warm up to him dating her eldest twin daughter in the chapter books or comics.

Proxima Starfall

She has yet to meet the orphaned teenage girl who was believed to be her long-lost younger twin daughter, in either the comics and original adventures, since (for some unexplained reasons) the animated show decided to not make enough episodes for them to ever actually meet unless a movie is made.

Citrine Goldenbraid

She had not yet met the mother of Emerald, whose daughter is also a legendary Mysticon, as are her twin daughters.

Katherine "Kitty" Boon

Queen Goodfey has not been able to meet the best childhood friend of her long-lost twin daughter, as she had left Gemina for parts unknown in the astral plane nor is she aware of their relationship as "more than best friends."


  • She has knowledge of the history of Gemina and the heroic acts of the original four Mysticons, who had all perished one millennia ago defending the realm from the wrath of the Spectral Hand but had failed to terminate it.
  • She is turned to solid bone in the show's premiere and is not fully restored until the second-to-final episode.
  • In All Hail Necrafa! she has a brief glimpse of her daughter Princess Arkayna in the uniform of the Mysticon Dragon Mage, the brave leader of the second generation of legendary Mysticons, in wonder and amazement.
  • As with Cirtine Goldenbraid, she is the living mother of two of the second generation of Mysticons, though Mrs. Goldenbraid is mother only to the second Mysticon Knight.
  • In "The Prophecy Unleashed" it is revealed that she had given birth to not only Arkayna, but to a fraternal twin sister as well when her first husband was alive, later revealed to be Zarya Moonwolf.
  • She is a brave and kind ruler of the people of Gemina.
  • She had frequently read Princess Arkayna fairy tales and made elfin berry pancakes for breakfast as a young girl.
  • She had taught Arkayna how to ride her very first griffin as a girl.
  • Princess Arkayna used to write her letters, believing that her statue is still listening while she was in her bone form.
  • In "Game of Phones" she was mentioned to have been the greatest of Sky Lancers.
  • She is finally restored to living flesh and blood by Dreadbane himself at the end of "Fear the Spectral Hand."
  • Her brief memory of infant Zarya is restored to her (off-screen) by Nova Terron, and she gave the plans for forging the four mystical Lances of Justice via the dwarven forge. It is unknown whether was indeed furious at Nova Terron for keeping such a deep, personal secret from her.
  • She does not approve of her eldest twin daughter's romance with Malvaron; probably because the show ended before she could get to know the teenage Astromancer more.
  • She has ordered that the remaining Vexicons- Mallory, Kasha and Willa- be imprisoned for their crimes, and resumes her role as queen of the entire planet.
  • Her looks and attire are somewhat similar to those of Queen Mera of the DC universe, well-loved ruler of the merpeople of the undersea city of Atlantis, alongside King Arthur/Aquaman.
  • Her being absent for most of the show is similar to how Queen Corandar of 3Below: Tales of Arcadia was due to being put into suspended animation due to her innermost core damaged. Unlike Queen Goodfey, however, she is awakened from her stasis in the two-part series finale instead of the end of the penultimate/second-to-last episode, and ended up sacrificing herself to save all of Earth and Akaridian 5, along with her husband.

Graphic Novels

Chapter Books

  • The Stolen Magic, depicts Zarya as the long-lost twin sister of fifteen-year-old Princess Arkayna, and that the only way Zarya currently knows her biological mother and stepfather is as life-sized statues.
  • Although never making any actual appearances, it is said that she had told Princess Arkayna all about the ancient Draco Diamond and the infamous curse it contained when Princess Arkayna was a girl.


  • British Dialect. doomed; fated to die. This may be a reference to her having been turned to solid bone and revived so late in the show.
  • Chiefly Scot. One who appears to be under a spell; marked by an apprehension of death, calamity, or evil.
  • Something supernatural; unreal; or enchanted; such as elves, dwarves, trolls, dryads, naiads, merpeople, pixies, fairies, and other fey creatures.
  • Someone who is in unnaturally high spirits, as were formerly thought to precede death.
  • One is whimsical; strange; otherworldly

Her first name is never revealed in the show.


Fifteen Years Ago

  • "Oh, aren't you precious? I wish your father could see you, but he's off keeping the kingdom safe. Yes he is. Boo, boo, boo."
  • "I must choose two. I have been doubly blessed."
  • "By the stars."
  • "Yes, indeed. We're going to call her... Arkayna."

Season One

  • "Try to take this seriously, Arkayna."
  • "Enough!! Now clearly you need a reminder of how important your training is. Dry off, and meet me in the Treasury before supper."
  • "That's right, Emerald. The Dragon Disk is our most important artifact. As the royal family, it is our sworn duty to protect it until the new generation of heroes is chosen."
  • "After the first Mysticons fell, defeating Necrafa, the Disk became dormant. Generations of our family guarded it, kept it safe from evil. For she who controls the Dragon Disk controls- This isn't a joke, Arkayna! And Emerald, shame on you."
  • "Will you? Because from what I saw, I'm not so sure."
  • "The Disk, it's activating! I must summon the Astromancers! They'll know what to do. Now do you understand the importance of all this?!"
  • "Hold the line!!"
  • "Dreadbane! You're alive!!"
  • "Darius!! NO!!"
  • "Never!"
  • "NO!! Keep her OUT of this!!"
  • "Run, Arkayna!! RUN!!"
  • (In wonder and amazement) "Arkayna."
  • "You know what you have to do."
  • "I love you, Arkayna."

In a Vision

  • "Arkayna, you are the Mysticon Dragon Mage, defender of the realm. "
  • "In time, we will together. But for now, you know what you have to do."
  • (Echoing) "You know what you have to do."

In an Alternate Reality

  • "That's right, Emerald. The Dragon Disk is our most important artifact. As the royal family, it is our sworn duty to protect it until the new generation of heroes is chosen."
  • "No one is to enter the vault."
  • "This is very serious, Nova Terron."
  • "Well, they'd better hurry. Someone's attacking the palace!!"
  • "Who are you!!? What are you doing in-?"

Season Two

  • "Arkayna, you did it. I love you."
  • "I thank the stars for bringing you back to me. I always felt like a part of me was missing."
  • "Stay focused, Everyone."
  • "You are a natural born warrior."
  • "By the stars, are you OK?!"
  • "If only we had hit it before it had changed."
  • "How did you ever find King Valmauk?"
  • "Yes. This could be a game changer."
  • "It's okay, Zarya. You tried."
  • "Zarya, Arkayna, enough!!"
  • "We've got to hurry."
  • "Does she always make cat puns?"
  • "I'm so proud of you, Zarya. This was all because of your instincts and unflagging leadership."
  • (Shocked-) "Arkayna!"
  • "No fighting in front of the enemy. Don't give them the satisfaction."
  • "Arkayna, I am sorry. I was so excited to have Zarya back in my life... I didn't think about how it would affect you."
  • "I love you too. Both of you."

About Queen Goodfey

Fifteen Years Ago

Royal Guard

  • "Congratulations, Queen Goodfey. Have you chosen a name?"

Princess Arkayna

  • "New Mysticons. We know, Mom."
  • "Mom, I was just playing around."
  • "Mom, what's happening?"
  • "MOM!!"
  • "I'm sorry, Mom. I failed you."
  • "Please! We have to save my- the Queen."
  • "Mom."
  • "I love you, too."
  • "I can't do this without you."
  • "MOM!! Mom..."
  • "She was- is- brave, strong and smart as the whip of a dragon's tail."
  • "She was an amazing mom. She'd read me fairy tales, make eleven berry pancakes. She taught me how to ride my first griffin and-"
  • "I miss her so much."
  • "I write her letters sometimes. I like to think she's still listening."
  • "Mom was a Sky Lancer."
  • "I haven't written her in ages."
  • "My mom would know what to do. I miss her."
  • "Mom."
  • "I love you, too. And...there is someone you need to meet."
  • "We love you, Mom."
  • "Why don't you just give her my job?!"
  • "Mom? Why don't you save that for when you actually know her?!!"
  • "Thanks, Mom. I love you."


  • "I'm sorry, Your Highness."
  • "What the King meant to say, was today, we honor the brave Sky Lancers, who have defended Drake City for generations. The greatest of them- our queen."

Nova Terron

  • "I have sent two of my most talented astromancers, Your Highness."
  • "After your father fell defending the realm, Queen Goodfey dedicated her life to protecting it."
  • "She had me design a magical lance that could magnify your bracers."
  • "Alas, she hid the plans in her necklace."

Piper Willowbrook

  • I have to save the Queen!!"
  • "Nighty night, Your Highness."
  • "Now Dreadbane can't turn her to bone!!"
  • "But it was turned to bone with her."
  • "You'll like her."

Proxima Starfall

  • "What was our mother like?"
  • "She was an amazing queen."
  • "I'm jealous you got her."
  • "I have missed her my whole life."

Zarya Moonwolf

  • "Look, I know what it's like to lose family, so if we have a shot at saving the King and Queen, I'm all in."
  • "All these years, I was living in the Undercity and my sister and mom were right here the whole time."
  • "She is."
  • "Hey, Mom. I'm the daughter you never knew you had."
  • "Hey, Mom. It's me, the daughter you never knew you had. I can't wait to meet you."
  • "Never coming back?"
  • "What about all those letters you write to her?"
  • "Hey... Mom."
  • (Indignant) "Don't talk to Mom like that!!"

About Queen Goodfey in Printed Media


  • "

Chapter Books


Queen Goodfey finally reunited with her daughter after months of being apart.

Reunited at last!


Zarya meeting the bone statue of her birth mother.