Queen Auratha was the mighty ruler of the powerful Dragons of Light. Her mate was the King of the Dragons, Valmuk. She had perished, along with most of her kind, at the mercy of the original Spectral Dragon. She is referred to as the "most regal of worms."


Season One

In "How to Train a Mysticon", she is only seen as a statue in Drake Central station, in which the very first, forest-green spellbook of the Codex and light green mystical-infused Dragon Bracer was hidden.

Season Two

She is mentioned again by Arkayna Goodfey in "The Last Dragon" along with her mate Valmauk as "the Queen and King of the Dragons". Arkayna says that "Auratha perished, and Valmuk disappeared, never to be seen again."

Graphic Novels


Queen Auratha in Printed Media

Graphic Novels

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Chapter Books


  • The cause of her demise, along with the rest of her kind, were revealed to have been by one of the Spectral Dragons that was created by the urging of the Spectral Hand.
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