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Quazarla is a female top-level Astromancer who appears frequently alongside her good friend and fellow student Gandobi. She is a supporting character in the show.

She is voiced by Athena Karkanis.

Magical Abilities

Stellar Magic: As a top-level Astromancer, she is capable of generating very powerful rays of purple-colored star energy from her hands.


Season One

Season Two

Appearances in Printed Media


  • Volume TBA (debut)
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  • Volume
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  • Like Gandobi and Nova Terron, she was present at the final battle between Imani, the-then-humanoid Dreadbane and Necrafa, one thousand years ago, at Victory Heights.
  • In Episode 29, she is overpowered and turned into a mindless, masked Spectromancer, forced to follow Proxima's commands only.
  • She enjoys playing cards, such as Beastie Blasters.
  • Like her good friend Gandobi, she can be a bit clumsy.


Season One

  • "This is a disaster!"
  • "Speak not her name! La lal La!"
  • "We will seal the rift. You have done enough."
  • "Where is Nova Terron?"
  • "We need more power!!"
  • "Do you have any idea how much danger you put the realm in!!?"
  • "That's...impossible."
  • "Yes. Only a Mysticon can do so."
  • "Fear not, Citizens. The Mysticons will trouble you no further."
  • "Just try shifting it a bit. Now wiggle it."
  • "Where are you going?"
  • "Get them!"
  • "There's a whole nest of Star-Fozia over there! Hurry!"

Season Two