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Potions are contents of magical herbs and plants when mixed together create a variety of effects that can lead to highly unpredictable results.

Most of the ingredients can be found in the Forest of Byrnn or from a magic shop called Fifty Wizard.

Known Effects of Various Potions

  • Magic Bubble: A purple bubble of magical energy had encased Malvaron, Doug and Choko and lifted them into the air.
  • Long-Distance Teleportation: By accidentally mixing two unknown potions, Malvaron and Doug had involuntarily teleported across different locations in the realm.
  • Age Alteration: Using youth root and primroses, Arkayna had Zarya drink it to make her younger, to the age of a toddler. A second vial contains the ability to grow up again to one's original age.
  • Capture Shadow Mage
  • Fire Blast
  • Shrinking: This potion was thrown at Tazma and shrunk her down to the size of a pixie.
  • Lightning-in-a-Bottle: This was one of the items required to create the false Dragon Disk.
  • Dragon Fury
  • Apoco-Blast
  • Titan Strength: Bestows superhuman strength onto the drinker.

Episodes when Used

Season One

Season Two