Phoenix Bracer
Piper's bracer
The mystical power of Mysticon Striker: Phoenix
Vital statistics
Type Magical
Effects Winged flight
Fire Generation & Control
Generation and control over heat and flame
Sharp talons
Healing tears
Fire Breath
Regenerative capabilities
Flame of Life
Source Top of the Carousel
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
"Fly, Phoenix, Fly!"
Piper's bracer

Mysticon Striker's symbol of mystical power- the almighty Phoenix.

- Piper's command of activating its great power.

Phoenix Bracer first appears in "The Mysticon Kid" after Piper acquires her brown Codex spellbook. When she opens the tome a yellow fire-bird of vast mystical energy emerged, knocking down Dreadbane and Tazma with relative ease.

The riddle to claim it and medium-sized, pale brown spellbook was:

A place of peace

A reverential room

I stand alone within fiery bloom


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  • It is the second mystical bracer to be found
  • How the original elven Mysticon Striker utilized it against her enemies remains unclear
  • Piper thinks it is "fab-tabular".
  • Its mystical power and fiery abilities can be neutralized and absorbed by Necrafa's orange gem. It can also burn things around it, as it did with the seductive pollen of Love's Breath in "A Walk in the Park".
  • It can be counteracted by the imp Willia's dark purple-colored Bat Bracer.

Chapter Books


  • So far, it appears only on the cover of each volume and during the transformation sequence of Piper into the second elven Mysticon Striker.
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