The original Mysticon Knight was a teenage dwarf who had been chosen by the Dragon Disk to protect Gemina and its people from the Spectral Hand as Mysticon Knight in the very first generation of legendary Mysticons. One thousand years ago, he had perished some time before Imani's final showdown with Dreadbane and Queen Necrafa. How he died remains to be seen.

A statue of him is alongside his fellow Mysticons in the royal treasury room, and at the Hill of Heroes.

He was called "Sir Knight" by those who had idolized him, as was his fellow Mysticon Ranger.


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  • Like his fellow Mysticon Ranger, he was the only teenage boy who had bravely fought Queen Necrafa and her undead minions until he was felled under mysterious circumstances.
  • He had possessed the same abilities and mystical sword and shield as his female successor, Emerald. Though at times, he was known to have wielded a broadsword.

About the Original Mysticon Knight

Chapter Books

  • "Original you is kicking some serious butt."
  • "First of all, the original Knight didn't used a shield, he had a big old sword."
  • "Doug can swing his Twinkly Mare like the original Knight would have swung his sword."
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