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Mysticon Weapons are the most used by the four legendary Mysticons in battle rather than their special ability. Each one possesses its own set of mystical skills and power-levels:

The four colored bracers of mystical animal-related power can be considered to be weapons as well, as they are always used offensively:

About Mysticon Weapons

Season One

  • "It didn't do anything. It did something!"
  • "How long does this last?"
  • "Do your thing, Hoopy."
  • "You have my sword!!"
  • "You have my hoop!!"
  • "You got the shield."
  • "Hey, no fair using our weapons against us."

Season Two

  • "You can use this scepter to order the Mysticons to give up their weapons, to render them...powerless."
  • "Now, Gawayne, take this and order them to drop their weapons!!"
  • "My staff is still enchanted."
  • "Lower the shield!"
  • "Do what with the shield?"
  • "Caught between a hoop and a hard place!"

About Mysticon Weaponry in Printed Media

Chapter Books

  • "I gotta try that net-arrow thing."
  • "Interesting technique, but I think I'll stick with my shield."
  • "The original Knight used a broadsword and I don't."


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  • In the French 2D animated show Code LYOKO and its cancelled live-action sequel series, Code LYOKO: Evolution, the four/five Lyoko Warriors,- Ulrich Stern, Odd della Robbia, Yumi Ishiyama, Aelita Shaffer and William Dunbar- too, only relied on their weapons, rather than their various superpowers, in the virtual world of Lyoko