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Mysticon Striker is the third member of the quartet of legendary Mysticons to defend the realm of Gemina and its people from evil forces. It seems to be an elf. Her special ability is called her Pixie Blast attack, her weapon being the three, mystical energy hoops :

  • Original Mysticon Striker- The very first chosen by the Dragon Disk, one thousand years prior to the show. She was slightly taller than her successor, Piper, and had met her demise prematurely at Necrafa and her skeletal minions. Her name is unknown.
  • Piper Willowbrook- Successor to the unnamed original Striker, one millennium later.

About Mysticon Striker

  • "Piper Willowbrook, you are Mysticon Striker."
  • "Striker, guard the King!"
  • "Striker, redirect the device now!!"
  • "Keep your eyes peeled for trouble, Mysticon Striker."
  • "Your heroics don't impress me, Mysticon Striker."

Chapter Books

  • "Aw. Look at the old me looking out for the old you. Striker and Ranger, bus forever."
  • "You got it, Striker."
  • "Two points for the Striker!"


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