Mysticon Rogue was a name that master tactician and powerful magician Adakite Flowstone had given herself when she fought alongside the original four Mysticons, as though she was an official member. She was clever enough to shape her own magic to look just like Mysticon magic as if derived from the Codex itself.

In addition, she was also a master trap-maker and of undetected stealth.

This name and "Mysticon uniform and weapon" only appeared in The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon; the very first original adventure of Mysticons.

Magical Powers and Talents

"Mysticon Weapon"

Mystical Fire Daggers: Masquerading as the fifth Mysticon, Adakite's only "Mysticon weapon" of choice were dual flaming daggers, with which she could bring drown opponents from a short distance; similar to the mystical shortbow and arrows wielded by the very first Mysticon Ranger, as are the yellow, three Energy Hoops used by the original, unnamed Mysticon Striker.

Natural Abilities

Long before she self-proclaimed herself "Mysticon Rogue", Adakite was/is a highly skilled tactician and very strong sorceress; her favorite, most useful spell being True Sight, capable of seeing though illusions and further sharpening her senses to superhuman levels.

She also possessed superhuman speed.


  • She was the very first character not to appear in the animated show; the others were elf twins Clutch and Throttle, who debuted in Volume 1 of the graphic novels, and the elf Amileth in The Stolen Magic book.
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