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Mysticon Knight is the fourth and final member of the quartet of legendary heroes and heroines. One thousand years ago, an unnamed teenage dwarf-boy was chosen to use his special abilities and mystic sword and energy shield to protect Gemina and its people from any evil, big or small. his/her animal bracer is that of the Pink Unicorn.

He had fought bravely against Queen Necrafa and her army of undead skeletons, but was unfortunately killed in battle, leaving only his good friend and fellow Mysticon, Imani, left standing:

  • Original Mysticon Knight- The very first Knight chosen to use his magical powers and bladed weaponry to save the realm until his untimely death of unknown causes. He was known to have wielded a mystical pink-and-purple broadsword, wheres Emerald does not.
  • Emerald Goldenbraid- Female successor and second Mysticon Knight chosen.

About Mysticon Knight

Season One

  • "You are Mysticon Knight."
  • "Knight, keep us straight."
  • "Thank you, Mysticon Knight."
  • "By the power of the Codex, Mysticon Knight!!"
  • "Mysticon Knight, I want to apologize. I was a jerk to you."
  • "I owe you my life, Mysticon Knight."
  • "And Mysticon Knight, you saved one most dear to my heart."
  • "Welcome to the Order of the Silver Trident, brave Knight."
  • "I do, Mysticon Knight. I do."

Season Two

  • "No, Mysticon Knight. It nearly destroyed Gemina."
  • "It's my sworn duty to protect you. I'm a knight."
  • "Mysticon Knight, stop!!"
  • "What you want, Mysticon Knight?"
  • "I missed you, Mysticon Knight."
  • "So will Mysticon Knight."
  • "We get it. You're a Knight."

About Mysticon Knight in Printed Media

Chapter Books

  • "Old you is kickin' some serious butt."
  • "Thank you, Sir Knight."