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Mrs. Sparklebottom's Sanctuary ( also known as "Mrs. Sparklebottom's Fairy Orphanage") is a special orphanage for children who have lost their parents and/or all of their blood relatives at a young age; either as newborns or at a younger ages.

It is clocked by fairy magic, hidden in the hollow of a tree, in the realm of the Fey, far outside Drake City. It is a "safe haven for special children"; mainly baby pixies, elves, dwarfs to not-so-ordinary human babies.

It was where Nova Terron had left the youngest Princess Twin of Gemina for her safety. It is also where the mysterious top Astromancer, Proxima Starfall, came from and eventually left, after which she was found and taken in by the Astromancers themselves.


Season One

Season Two

About Mrs. Sparklebottom's Sanctuary

Season One

  • "I brought her somewhere, where I knew she would be safe."
  • "You'll be safe here."

Season Two

  • "She is the matron of the orphanage I sent the girl to."
  • "The location of her sanctuary is cloaked by fairy magic. This spell will guide you there."
  • "The others can't find the orphanage without me."
  • "The realm of the fey; a pixie orphanage!"
  • "Hidden from mere mortal eyes."
  • "You work here?"
  • "You reached Mrs. Sparklebottom's sanctuary, a safe haven for special children."
  • "The only things allowed inside are pixies and drooling little gem bags."
  • "You reached Mrs. Sparklebottom's sanctuary."
  • "Um, why are we in Mrs. Sparklebottom's sanctuary?"
  • "No, wait. Proxima grew up in the sanctuary with Zarya."


Something that is supernatural, spiritual, spirit-like, deity-like, magical, and mystical, enchanted ; unreal; such as elves, dwarves, trolls, dryads, naiads, merpeople, pixies, fairies, and other fey creatures.


  • It is the only known place to be shielded from the eyes of mere mortals; humans. It is unknown whether elves, trolls, dwarves and fairies can see it.
  • It appears in "Prophecy of Evil"; the novelization of the Season 1 finale and the first six episodes of Season 2.