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"Monster Hunt" is the thirty-sixth episode of Mysticons and the sixteenth episode of its second season. It aired on August 18, 2018 on Nicktoons and it will air on September 9, 2018 on YTV.



Piper feels like her friendship with Zarya is slipping away, so she hatches a scheme to fake a monster attack to get her attention.

Meanwhile, Mallory rebels against Proxima yet again, and plans to don Necrafa's mask herself. However, her plan backfires as the mask fragment affixes itself to Proxima's face and takes full possession of tormented mind and body. A deep, distorted female voice speaks within Proxima, declaring that it has been reborn for one purpose only: Destroy the realm of Gemina through Proxima.


In the Episode

  • This is the first time that the Mysticons go camping.
  • Piper was the only Mysticon who did not use her yellow Phoenix Bracer
  • Eartha is the only Vexicon who did not use her pink Basilisk Bracer.
  • Proxima's Dark Codex makes its second and final appearance. None of its dark spells are ever revealed, nor is Proxima's reasons for needing it more after creating her Vexicon "daughters", immediately after creating it.
  • It is shown that Astromancers sleep in metal "sleep pods."
  • It seems that Proxima is able to actually remove the mask fragment from her face. Unfortunately, it has long been deeply attracted to her intensely bitter feelings of renewed loneliness, betrayal towards Princess Arkayna for never being truly there for her, and passing her over for Zarya without a second thought.
  • The Forest of Byrnn makes its third and final appearance since "Clash of the Tridents".
  • Proxima is revealed to sleep dance at times.

Outside the Episode


  • Proxima: "What is going on!!?"
  • Willa: "Kasha's throwing artifacts into the Forge."
  • Kasha: "Liar, liar, pants on fire. For real. You're on fire."
  • Eartha: "I tried to stop them, Star Mistress."
  • Mallory: "And I got a manicure."
  • Proxima: "Enough!! I brought you into this world and I can take you out!!!"
  • Willa: Whoa, whoa! You OK?"
  • Proxima: "I am...fine. I control."
  • Eartha: "Do you need to talk, Star Mistress?"
  • Proxima: "No."


  • Proxima: "Wretched mask. I should never have put you on. All I wanted was revenge, not the destruction of the entire realm. You do my evil bidding, I don't do yours."
  • Mallory: "Interesting or whatever."
  • Proxima:" I said no!! I must rest. But tomorrow I will do what I should have done long ago: Toss you into the Rift of Ruin."


  • Kasha: "You'll wake the star nerd."
  • Mallory: "For real. She's never taken off the mask before. This is our only chance to snatch it without her going supernova on us."
  • Eartha: "I can't wait."
  • Mallory: "You're staying here to make sure Proxy gets some much needed beauty sleep. If she wakes up and finds out we're gone, my entire plan is ruined."
  • Willa: "Plus she'll light us up with starfire."


  • Mallory: "There's gotta be something in the Dark Codex that'll unlock that bubble. Let's see. Ah! A sonic resonator."
  • Eartha: "a sonic resonator?"
  • Mallory: "It creates sound waves that can shred through magic. You know, like protection spheres. The final ingredient is fur from a snarwhich in...the Forest of Brynn? I hate nature."
  • Eartha: "I love nature! Granite, lava baths."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Why would she fake a monster?"
  • Emerald: "Am I the only one who sees what's going on here? You two have been spending a lot of time together. She misses you."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Of course."


  • Princess Arkayna: "This looks like Vexicon magic."
  • Zarya: "Piper's in trouble."


  • Emerald: "What do the Vexicons want with snarwhich fur?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "I don't know. But whatever the reason, it can't be good."


  • Proxima: "Huh? What...what happened? What are you doing in my chamber?"
  • Kasha: "Quick, the Mask."
  • Mallory: "Your time is over, Proxima. Hey!
  • Proxima: "No!! AHHHH!!!"
  • Mallory: Whoa."
  • Eartha: "Proxima? Are you all right?"
  • Deep Female Voice: "I have been reborn for one purpose: to destroy the realm!!"


Characters Note
Princess Arkayna Utilizes her green Dragon Bracer in conjunction with her twin's blue Wolf Bracer and Emerald's pink Unicorn Bracer to break the ice orb trapping Piper.
Zarya Moonwolf Uses her blue Wolf Bracer in conjunction with her twin's green Dragon Bracer and Emerald's pink Unicorn Bracer to release Piper from Mallory's ice orb.
Piper Willowbrook Hurt and envious of Zarya spends more time with her long-lost twin, she fabricates a monster attack by Ziggy, and ends up getting frozen in an ice orb by Mallory.
Emerald Goldenbraid Utilizes her pink Unicorn Bracer, in conjunction with the Dragon and Wolf Bracers of the Princess Twins, to release Piper.
Proxima Tries to resist the intensely dark powers of Necrafa's mask fragment, but ends up being taken over the evil female entity within it in full, with the ultimate intention of annihilating the entire realm through her.
Vexicons Mallory rebels against her "mother" and Star Mistress yet again, with the intent of seizing Necrafa's mask for herself. Fortunately, her plan backfires badly and she watches in shock as it takes full control of Proxima's conscious mind and body.