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Lightning Lances were very powerful weaponry utilized by the brave Sky Lancer knights who had defended Drake City from unknown evils for many years. Now they are used during the annual Sky Lancers Festival, in honor of their bravery. They were each wielded, turned inactive by Emerald for "just for show," by the Princess Twins of Gemina for the sky joust.

They only appear and are used in "Game of Phones."

A modified and advanced version is probably the mystical Lances of Justice, which granted a rare ability to enhance the attack power of the Mysticons' bracers for a time. Unlike generating white lightning, each generated lightning contrary to her color- Green, blue, yellow and pink.

About Lightning Lances

  • "Your lightning lances, Ladies."
  • "They're called lightning lances for a reason."
  • "I deactivated them. See? Just for show."
  • "When 'you' jolt with that harmless lance, she's gonna be shocked."
  • "Ge me that!"
  • "Sky Lancers, ready your pointy stick thingies."
  • "Is that lance active?"