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Lances of Justice
Vital statistics
Type Battle Lance
Effects *Mystic object Enhancement
  • Generate white lightning bolts
Source *Blueprints from inside Queen Goodfey's necklace
  • Created via the dwarven Celestial Forge
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Lances of Justice are a set of mystic/magic-infused lances that can greatly strengthen and temporarily boost the mystical energies of the Mysticons animal bracers. After her beloved first husband and king- Princess Arkayna and Zarya's late father- had perished defending the realm, a saddened Queen Goodfey had the magical blueprints to creating them hidden in her gold-and-green necklace for safekeeping.

Their make their first and final appearance in the series finale "Age of Dragons". With their enhanced bracers, the Mysticons temporarily overpowered the Vexicons and utterly exterminated the Spectral Hand from the plane of existence.

Magical Abilities

  • Mystical Bracer Augmentation: Each mystic lance bestowed the empowerment-based ability to greatly magnify the attack power of the animal Mysticon Bracers- light green Dragon, light blue Wolf, light yellow Phoenix and bright pink Unicorn- to higher levels; though only temporarily. They made their concussive force far more effective to its targets, as the ravening creature of the Spectral Hand itself was obliterated in one single strike.
  • White Lightning Generation: As they are mystically infused lighting lances, they each generate powerful bolts of white lightning from from to electrify enemies from a distance, which is further magnified more effective when water is added.

About the Lances of Justice

  • "She had me design a magical lance that could magnify your bracers."
  • "Alas, she hid the plans in her necklace."
  • "The Lances of Justice. They're ready."
  • "With these, we take the fight to our enemy."
  • "With these, we destroy the Spectral Hand once and for all!!"
  • "Lightning Lances, activate!!"