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LaTeensia is a pint-sized female pixie who is Gawayne's new girlfriend. She is a supporting character in the show.

She dumps Gawayne in Gems of the Past.


She is pixie-sized with a pale orange skin tone, pink hair in a bun, and a green miniskirt.


Season One

Season Two

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  • She likes leaving Gawayne to have her "mini-pedi."
  • First referenced in "Sisters and Arms", Gawayne thought she was a Harpy.
  • She is a frequent volunteer at Mrs. Sparklebottom's pixie orphanage at the realm of the Fey.
  • According to Arkayna, she is "exhausting."


Season One

  • "I'm gonna be late for my mini-pedi."
  • "Um, it's hard to glyph when words are coming out of your face. Also, this isn't working out. I'm sorry. It's not me. It's you."
  • "Been there, dumped that."
  • "One word: Nay."

Season Two

  • "Welcome to Mrs. Sparklebottom's sanctuary, a safe haven for special children."
  • "I'm a volunteer."
  • "Yeah, I'd like to, but no. The only things inside are pixies and drooling, little germ bags."
  • "Selfie. Oh fleeker."
  • "Oh, my goblin. You called me, like, ten times already."
  • "Gawayne, you never ask me that."
  • "See? This is why I dumped you: You don't listen to me!"