The Knockoff Dragon Disk is a replica of the original Disk, which was successful created by a red pen in the Mysticons' miniature forge oven at the Stronghold. Later, it took the combined magical strength and strong abilities of Princess Arkayna and mid-level Astromancer Malvaron alone, with the ancient magic of the larger and far more powerful Celestial Forge inside the Forge Room.

The three items to help make the duplicate are:

  • A dragon lotus from the Forest of Doom
  • Lava from the Volcano of Doom
  • Lightning-in-a-Bottle from the Sky of Doom

Unlike, the original, it is a dull gray color as opposed to gold, which indicates that is not authentic.

The incantation was to empower it with supreme magic was:

Star of Gygax
Now's the hour
Imbue this Dragon Disk
With your cosmic power

Mystical Abilities

It possesses the exact same mystical powers as the original; such as reveal hidden locations of great and powerful magical artifacts throughout the world of Gemina in the form of riddles, and unveil an ancient and sinister prophecy that depicted imminent annihilation for all of Gemina, which unfortunately, concerned the long-lost Princess Twins of Gemina.

None of the rest of its full powers are revealed, as the series discontinued after only forty episodes.


Knockoff Dragon Disk in Printed Media

Graphic Novels

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About the Dragon Disk Replica

  • "So, can we really make a knockoff Dragon Disk?"
  • "Yes, but according to these ancient tomes and ethereal net sites, we might be able to pull it off. But we're gonna need a few things"
  • "Now we just have sneak into the Astromancer Academy, free Malvaron, and imbue this with power."
  • "We need you to help us make a new Dragon Disk. With the Celestial Forge."
  • "And all because you could create a Dragon Disk!! Look at this pathetic imitation!!"
  • "Don't we have another one?"
  • "That's right! The Disk we made, remember?"


  • The Mysticons have used it only when absolutely necessary; namely if the original Dragon Disk is stolen from them or drained of its ancient mystical powers, which it had been since the release of Queen Necrafa.
  • It was used to reveal the fourth and last piece of the Codex; Mysticon Knight's purple, medium-sized book of spells, and pink Unicorn Bracer.
  • In "A Girl and Her Gumlump", its power was absorbed by numerous gumlumps, but was soon regained in full after the Gumlumps were sent to the anti-magic dimension.
  • The Mysticons had eventually used it to reveal an ancient and sinister prophecy.
  • It appears in Prophecy of Evil, as it dictates the events of Episode Twenty
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