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The Knight Energy Sword (also called a "Star Sword" or simply "Knight Sword") is the mystical weapon wielded by Mysticon Knight. Its original wielder was the unnamed original Mysticon Knight, a male dwarf, who had wielded a mystical broadsword in battle.

Now it is wielded by his dwarven female successor, Emerald Goldenbraid.

It can slice through practically almost anything, with the exception of solarite rock. An additional mystical weapon is later joined with it- the legendary Silver Trident, which is utilized only underwater, and was given to Emerald in Episode Fifteen.

Unlike the other Mysticons' weaponry, it was used in thirty-nine episodes, as it was not used in "The Mask."

Mystical Properties

Sword Proficiency

  • Enhanced Swordsmanship
  • Enhanced Slashing & Slicing: It is strong enough to cut and slice through practically any solid material, with the exception of solarite.
  • Mystic Energy Wave: It emits an unusually strong wave of pink glowing energy that can hit several victims at once from a short distance.
  • Portal Creation: Just the mystic Dragon Mage Staff, it can open circular, magenta-colored sparkly portal to another world or dimension. This was seen in "The Foz Who Saved Lotus Night."


Chapter Books

  • The unnamed Original Mysticon Knight, a male dwarf, seems to have utilized a slightly different bladed weapon: A broadsword. Emerald was impressed by the specific technique he had used against orcs, but prefers her pink energy shield instead.