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King Goodfey was the former/old ruler of the realm of Gemina, and the very first love and husband of Queen Goodfey, and birth father of the strong-willed redheaded Arkayna, and the late biological father of Zarya Moonwolf. Unfortunately, he was tragically killed before he even knew of the delivery of his prophesied twin daughters.

Some time later, he had left to defend their fair kingdom and the realm, leaving Queen Goodfey to give birth to their children.

Queen Goodfey had expressed the wish that he could see the double blessing he had received with her, but that he was off keeping their kingdom safe, as well as the entire world.

His sudden demise promoted his saddened wife and queen to devote her life to protecting all of Gemina, so his untimely sacrifice would not be for naught.

He is twice referenced, in the animated show; first by his own wife and queen (in a flashback in "The Prophecy Unleashed"), and lastly by Nova Terron, in the second-to-last episode.

History in the Comics

This new ever-expanding graphic novel series may explain more about him, as the animated series did not distribute enough episodes for us to see what he had looked like or his name.

Appearances in Printed Media

Graphic Novels

  • Volume TBA (debut; flashback)
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume


  • In the second-to-last episode of the show, Nova Terron revealed that he had indeed perished on his long journey to protect their kingdom and people sometime before his children- fraternal twin daughters- were born; similar to what became of King Truefin of the legendary Mer-Knights of the Silver Trident, who had died before his daughter was even born.
  • Despite that he died prior to the animated show, we may know more about him in the graphic novels and chapter books.
  • His first name is never revealed

About King Goodfey

Fifteen Years Ago

  • "I wish your father could see you, but he's off keeping the kingdom safe. Yes he is."

Season Two