"Heart of Stone" is the thirty-fifth episode of Mysticons and the fifteenth episode of its second season.

It aired on NickToons, at 9:30am in August 11, 2018 and it will air on September 9, 2018 on YTV.


When the Vexicons leave one of them own behind, Emerald takes it upon herself to turn her to the light side; especially with her inner core now damaged.






Mystical Weaponry

Mystical Objects


In the Episode

  • It is shown that Mallory can regrow her ice-white hair, which she takes great pride in
  • Eartha is the only Vexicon who did not utilize her dark bracer.
  • It revealed that if a golem's core stone is cracked, they will gradually crumble to pieces.
  • We learn that dwarves are prejudiced against golems.
  • As a result of Proxima's intense fury and disgust, the eye of Necrafa's mask glows red and distorts her voice. This implies how she is, indeed, gradually becoming possessed by the dark power within the fragment she has been wearing for quite some time.
  • This marks the fourth appearance of Citirine Goldenbraid, and the second of Malachite Goldenbraid and their young fraternal twin sons. They are excited that their elder sister is a legendary Mysticon.

Outside the Episode

  • "Heart of Stone" means a person who is unfeeling, expressionless, stoic, and "hard-hearted".
  • This the second episode to have "Heart of..." as the title. The first being "Heart of Gold."
  • Drake City's Got Talent is similar to America's Got Talent.


  • Mallory: "Supercharged by yours truly. What do you, like, need them for anyway?"
  • Proxima: "None of your business. Uh, where's Eartha?"
  • Proxima: "You bailed!!? Without Eartha!!?"
  • Willa: "What's the big deal? She's a giant talking rock. Make another one."
  • Mallory: "
  • Proxima: "I plucked you out of misery and loneliness, created you to be a team, family, a sisterhood of evil!! You never ever leave a sister behind!!"
  • Kasha: "That girl's got issues."
  • Proxima: "Find her!! Now!!"


  • Emerald: "I don't think you're as bad as you think you are. You're better than the other Vexicons."
  • Eartha: "What do you know of me and my sisters?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Sisters? They didn't seem very sisterly when they abandoned you."


  • Proxima: "The Mysticons did the same thing me. Made me feel like I...belonged. But it was all lies, which is why we're gonna make them pay."
  • Eartha: "Yes, Star Mistress."


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