"Happily Never After" is the twenty-ninth episode of Mysticons and the ninth episode of the second season.

It aired on Nicktoons, at 8:00 am, on April 28th, 2018.



The Mysticons must stop Proxima from acquiring ancient starfire ink from the legendary library of the Eternal Equinox, but find themselves trapped within the librarian's ancient, mystical tome.


In the Episode

  • Gandobi is revealed to have quite a natural talent for dance music as he is an excellent D.J.
  • The Dragon Disk is recovered but soon snatched by a thoroughly vengeful and dejected Proxima as the new leader of the Spectral Hand.
  • Nova Terron is revealed to have a 300 year overdue book from the Library. Proxima is not impressed by his choice and regrets looking up to him.
  • Choko, Piper, Zarya, and Arkayna are turned into male dwarfs, with beards the same color as their hair.
  • Proxima succeeds in acquiring the ancient Starfire ink. She has her Spectromancers use it to create her own dark version of the Codex, from which she calls forth the Vexicons whom she calls "her children."

Outside the Episode

  • The sneak preview for this episode was shortly removed from YouTube, only moments after it was added, as it was accidentally shown before the sneak peek for the previous episode.
  • Proxima is the second top-level Astromancer to go down a dark path, the first being Tazma.
  • This is the first time a librarian of an ancient and legendary library appears in this show.
  • Piper had mentioned "tesseract" which is the main concept in the Space-Time quintet book series and one of the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Comic books.
  • It is revealed that when all four mystical Animal Bracers are used at once, they can create a whirlwind of color; light green, light blue, light pink and light yellow.


  • Nova Terron: "My fellow astromancers, a dark chapter has ended. The mask of Necrafa has been destroyed."
  • Malavaron: "And the Dragon Disk is back, Baby."
  • Nova Terron: "Yes. There is only one thing left to do: Gandobi, drop a beat."
  • Gandobi: "D.J. Gandobi is in the chamber. Do the levitation."
  • Malvaron: "Nice moves, Star Master."
  • Nova Terron: "That's dance master to you."


  • Nova Terron: "Who are you!? What do you want!?"
  • Proxima: "For starters: A little revenge!!"
  • Nova Terron: "No, the Disk!! You are meddling in forces beyond your control, Child!"
  • Proxima: "None of you are in a position to tell me what to do anymore!!"
  • Malavaron: "Please, Proxima. Don't do this."
  • Nova Terron: "STOP HER!!"
  • Nova Terron: "Look out!!"
  • Nova Terron: "Tell... the Mysticons."
  • Proxima: "Kneel before me, Spectromancers. Time to start a new chapter."


  • Malvaron: "I just came back from the Astromancers Academy. Proxima- she has Necrafa's Mask!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Proxima? I don't understand."
  • Emerald: "How can she have the mask? We destroyed it."
  • Malvaron: "I saw it with my own eyes. She turned everyone into faceless creepers- Gandobi, Quasarla, even Nova Terron. She was after-"
  • Tazma: "The Dragon Disk. Clever girl."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Do you have something to share?"
  • Tazma: "Not so much."
  • Zarya: "Share, Mini Mage, or Hurricane Zarya's gonna make it snow all night long."
  • Tazma: "Okay, okay."
  • Piper: "What does she need the Disk for?"
  • Zarya: "Yeah. The Disk is useless now that the Codex has been drained."
  • Princess Arkayna: "She's trying to create another one, another Codex."
  • Tazma: "Very good, Dragon Mage."
  • Emerald: "How do you create a new Codex?"
  • Malvaron: "With starfire ink from the Library of the Eternal Equinox."


  • Emerald: "My forge is so stoked!! I dreamt of going to 'the Library' ever since I could read my first rune."
  • Piper: "I hope it has a good scary book section."
  • Zarya: "Let's just focus on stopping Proxima, okay?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "I just can't believe she stole the Mask, that she lied to us. Lied to me."
  • Emerald: "I'm sure it's the Mask. It must have corrupted her. But don't worry, we'll save her."


  • Princess Arkayna: "This is awesome. And confusing."
  • Piper: "What? It's just a dimensional tesseract. Duh."
  • Emerald: "By the hammer of Harmon."
  • Zarya: "Yeah, yeah. Fancy smanchy library."
  • Emerald: "No, check it out! This book was written by the Hammer of Harmon."
  • Piper: "I get it. I don't get it."


  • Mr. Snellson: "Who dares disturb the Library? Sorry. Echo-y mug."
  • Zarya: "You're the Enforcer?"
  • Mr. Snellson: "That;s library enforce Mr. Snellson to you."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Look, a mage broke in here. She wants to steal the starfire ink."
  • Mr. Snellson: "Oh really. And how, pray tell, would they steal the ink if the Fountain of Light isn't even on? See?"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Please, you have to listen to us. The safety of the realm is at risk."


  • Proxima: "Thanks for the tutorial."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Proxima, why are you doing this?"
  • Zarya: "Shoot first, ask questions later."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Proxima, please, stop this!! Take off the Mask before it's too late!"
  • Proxima: "So you can have its power for yourself!!?"


  • Piper: "We're trapped, in a book?"
  • Mr. Snellson: "It's not just any book. It's my new masterpiece. The Mouthy Mage and the Five Dwarves."
  • Proxima: "You'll regret that, once I figure out how to get out of this stupid story!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "Proxima, stop!! By the power of the Codex, Mysticon Dragon Mage!!"
  • Mr. Snellson: "And to their horror,our heroes discovered they were powerless."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Well, that's embarrassing."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Proxima, wait! I can help you."
  • Proxima: "No!! You'll just make this worse. You always do."
  • Mr. Snellson: "Too cliche."


  • Princess Arkayna: Let's focus on finding Proxima and getting out of here. If she'd just stop and listen I know I could talk some sense into her."
  • Emerald: "Arkayna, I'm not sure that's possibly anymore."
  • Princess Arkayna: "I know Proxima. I can reach her."
  • Zarya: "We have to find her first."
  • Piper: "I think I know where she's going."
  • Emerald: "Is that a bookmark?"
  • Zarya: "She's trying to get the tower, so she can reach it and climb out."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Not if we stop her first. Come on, Girls, it's magic hour! Without magic."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Proxima, stop!! Please just listen to me!!"
  • Proxima: "I'm done listening!! Once I get the ink, I can make everything right!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "You don't need the ink. We can make it right together."
  • Proxima: "How!!? Are you gonna go back in time and magically undo everything!!? Are you gonna give me back the life I never got to live!!!?"
  • Zarya: "Hey!! It's not easy for us, either, but you don't see us putting on evil masks."
  • Emerald: "What a ninny-hammer."
  • Proxima: "No, she's right. The two sisters are the Chosen Ones!! And I'm just the sad, little orphan!! But not anymore!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "NO, PROXIMA!!"


  • Proxima: "Very resourceful, Sis!! But you're too late- the ink is mine!!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "I know this isn't you, Proxima!!"
  • Proxima: "You have no idea who I am!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "I do! I know you deserve better than all of this!!"
  • Proxima (echoing): "Exactly, Dragon Mage!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "I love you, Proxima. I always will."
  • Proxima: "Well, you could've fooled me."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Quick, we need to draw out the fire. Unleash the Dragon!!"
  • Zarya: "Time to Howl!!"
  • Emerald: "Battle Unicorn, Charge!!"
  • Piper: "Fly, Phoenix, Fly!!"
  • Mr. Snellson: "Sh. Sorry. Force of habit. You did it! You saved the library. Well, most if it."
  • Piper: "Hey, Snelly, your story wrote itself. It was epic for realsies."
  • Mr. Snellson: "Yes, my friend. It was. B.J, I have a new book, The Mysticons and the Magic Library. Ah, it's a working title."


Character Notes
Proxima After managing to gain enough starfire ink, she has her Spectromancers use it to fully create a darker and more powerful Codex of her own. Affixing the corrupted Dragon Disk to its cover, she casts a powerful spell to call forth four, dark warriors whom she calls "her children."
Gandobi Attempts to stop Proxima, but is overpowered and has his star magic turned back on him, which turns him into a mindless,masked Spectromancer.
Quazala Tries to stop Proxima, but has her own star orbs turned back on her and is mutated into a mindless Spectromancer. She kneels down before Proxima, as her command.
Malvaron At the behest of Nova Terron, he flees the Star Chamber to inform the Mysticons of this sudden new evil to the realm.
Nova Terron Becomes a Spectromancer after saving Malvaron from Proxima. His last words to Malvaron was for him to tell the Mysticons about this sudden and more dangerous evil to the realm.

His first order is to kneel before his mistress.

Princess Arkayna Assures Proxima that she does indeed love her and always would. She expresses regret at losing her "twin sister" to the darkness; completely oblivious to the fact that Proxima had done so because she, Arkayna, had abandoned her so easily.
Zarya Fails in stopping Proxima from acquiring the ancient starfire ink. She assures a hurt Arkayna that they will do everything they can to save her.
Emerald Fails in stopping Proxima from acquiring the ancient starfire ink.
Piper Fails in stopping Proxima from acquiring the ancient starfire ink.
Mr. Snellson (debut) A male slug-like creature who traps Proxima and the Mysticons inside the story he is making, The Mouthy Mage and the Four Dwarves.

However, he is later trapped in it himself when Proxima breaks out and uses the quill to rewrite the tale into one with no happy ending.

Tazma Remains trapped in her snow-globe prison at the Stronghold.
The Vexicons (debuts; silhouettes) Four female warriors called forth from the evil pages of Proxima's very own and far more powerful Codex. She refers to them as her "children."


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