Gygax is an ancient being revered by the people of the mystical, magical realm of Gemina as an almighty god of the infinite cosmoverse.

The word "star" is probably a reference to his infinitely boundless universal essence that governs all that exists.

When the dark star intercepts with his "star", it creates a rare maleficent eclipse on Gemina, further strengthening the powers of evil beings and reducing the strong powers, weapons and mystical bracers of the Mysticons temporarily.


  • "May the star of Gygax guide you on your quest. And may it guide you over a cliff."
  • "By the star of Gygax, we will fix this!"
  • (in amazement) "By the star of Gygax."
  • "We're constantly protecting the realm; like when we created our own Dragon Disk or when we united the Codex, for Gygax sake!!"

Season Two

  • "May the star of Gygax guide you on your quest, Mysticons."
  • "According to these charts, the dark star is about to intercept with the star of Gygax."


  • This may be an allusion to Gary Gygax, creator of the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game, which launched an entire franchise of the same name.
  • The indignant, angry phrase "For Gygax sake" is same as Earth's phrase "For God's sake."