"Not just any griffins, Piper. These are the griffins from the royal stables, descended from the original Mysticons' fleet."
- Emerald in "How to Train a Mysticon."

Griffins are a popular mount for not only the Royal Family but for Mysticons both of both the original and second generations of four, legendary heroes.
Izzie is Arkayna Goodfey/Mysticon Dragonmage's.

Topaz is Emerald Goldenbraid/Mysticon Knight's. She is eventually replaced by the light purple Dragon Mount in the series finale.

Miss Paisley is Piper Willowbrook/Mysticon Striker's faithful griffin mount. She is replaced by the unnamed, light orange Dragon of Light mount in the show's finale.

Archer—after objecting to "Stinky"—is Zarya Moonwolf/Mysticon Ranger's faithful mount and companion. He was eventually joined by a temporary customer, Queen Goodfey. He is replaced by the unnamed, light blue Dragon of Light mount in the show's finale.

Gawayne has a Griffin in" Sisters in Arms", but does not mention its name or gender.


  • Captains for "How to Train a Mysticon" consistently spelled it "griffons" but official Mysticon Channel YouTube promos for the show use "Griffins".
  • In "The Mysticon Kid", when her friends are sluggish, Piper calls them "griffy-poos".
  • From what Doug said in The Mysticon Kid, Archer is the only male among the Mysticons' quartet of Griffins.
  • In Heart of Gold, Griffins are seen roaming wild in Rudicks Hollow.
  • Most of the Griffins have a half-lion/half-eagle form, Izzie appears to be half-barn owl.


Meet the Mysticons! GRIFFINS-3

Meet the Mysticons! GRIFFINS-3