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The cover of the very first comic book.
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Author Unknown
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Published on August 28 2018
Published by Dark Horse Comics
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Mysticons will release a series of comic books/graphic novels in late Fall of 2018, sometime after the animated show is officially completed.

Most take place immediately after the animated show's series finale "Age of Dragons."

The first and second comic were released on the twenty-eighth of August, the same day the animated show premiered on Nickelodeon.


Volume 1

Princess Arkayna, Zarya Moonwolf, Emerald Goldenbraid, and Piper Willowbrook--unexpected heroes who together become epic warriors as well as the closest of friends--are drawn together by a prophecy to battle the forces of pure evil and protect the realm!

The cover of the very first comic book

Volume 2

In an effort to get Em out of the house, the Mysticons go to the mall, where Em is swept up in the world of a Battle-Bots style competition, "Machinations." When she and Piper team up and enter the competition, they not only find themselves battling with robots, but against new friends with scorned feelings.

Volume 3

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Volume 4

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

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  • The graphic drawings seem to depict the girls' in their early twenties, even though there appears to be no time-gap in most of the comic books. The comic books set after the series finale have yet to be revealed.
  • Unlike other popular Dark Horse graphic novels (such as Avatar: the Airbender and The Legend of Korra), these volumes do not have any titles (such as the comics of Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.) nor are they split trilogies.
  • Kymraw is the very first villain from the show to appear.
  • Several more places make their appearances that were not seen throughout the series; the first being the hidden Undercity hangout Amaranth.
  • Other techno-magic vehicles are seen; such as "Hover bikes."

Not in the Animated Show

  • Many more appearances of King Darius and Queen Goodfey, who barely had any speaking roles, as recurring characters. Queen Goodfey's relationship with her younger twin daughter Zarya Moonwolf, as well as their relationship with King Darius are to be expressed more.
  • Proxima Starfall changes the Astromancers Academy for the better, and eventual meeting with Queen Goodfey, the woman who was believed to be her birth mother.
  • Information on Piper's long-lost elven family is said to revealed, as of what became of Tazma and Malvaron's parents, and more info on the obscurely mysterious background of the orphan Astromancers' leader and star mistress, Proxima.
  • Different, more exotic places of Gemina are seen.

Characters throughout the Comics

Main Characters

Griffin Mounts

Supporting Characters

Dragon Mounts

  • Unnamed Light Green Dragon
  • Unnamed Light Blue Dragon
  • Unnamed Light Orange Dragon
  • Unnamed Light Purple Dragon

Human Beings


Supporting Characters

Mer-Knights of the Silver Trident

Dragons of Light




Additional top Star Mages and Sorcerers


Locations in Gemina

In Drake City

The Royal Palace

Astromancers Academy

The Undercity


Far from Drake City

Series Elements

Magical Objects

Magical Weaponry



Vexicon Weaponry

Vexicon Bracers

  • Snake Bracer
  • Panther Bracer
  • Bat Bracer
  • Basilisk Bracer

Other Mystical Weaponry

Powers and Abilities


  • Zarya's Special Abilities (first used in Volume TBA)
  • Emerald's Special Abilities (first used in Volume TBA)