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Gawayne's Butler is a supporting character of Mysticons. He first appears in "The Coronation". As part of the staff who serves the royal family, he may have friends who work with him, but have never been introduced as such.

He probably continues to severe Gawayne, but not as much, now that the King and Queen are finally back to ruling the realm.

He is voiced by Jamie Watson.

His name has never been revealed in the animated show.



He has tan skin, pale blue eyes, and is bald, with a white mustache.


Season One

Season Two

Gawayne's Butler in Printed Media

Graphic Novels

  • Volume (first appearance)
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume

Chapter Books

  • The Stolen Magic (debut appearance; cameos)
  • The Diamond Curse (no lines)


  • Gawayne refers to him as his "human shield" and prefers to deeply humiliate him for his own pleasure.
  • His name is never revealed.

Chapter Books

  • He debuts in the second book, The Stolen Magic, ordered to give King Gawayne a regular belt since his magical one had been temporarily drained, due to the lights from Amileth's "magic" show."


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