"Game of Phones" is the thirty-third episode of Mysticons, and the seventh episode of Season Two.

It aired along with "The Last Dragon" on the nineteenth of May at 8:30 am.



Zarya's video game addiction turns catastrophic when a spell, cast by the Vexicons per Proxima's orders, traps her inside her phone. Meanwhile, Princess Arkayna prepares with a reluctant Zarya for the Sky Lancers' Festival, of which Proxima takes advantage of to finally take her revenge on Arkayna for abandoning her.


In the Episode

  • This is the fourth time a villain knows the Mysticons' identities. In this case, it's the The Vexicons. The others are Captain Kaos, Necrafa and Tazma.
  • More background information about Queen Goodfey has been revealed.
  • Zarya wears a tiara for the first time.
  • The people of Gemina finally learn the identities of the second generation of legendary Mysticons.
  • This is the second time Neeko speaks since "Lost and Found".

Outside the Episode

  • The title is a parody of the live TV show Game of Thrones.
  • Another hiatus occurred after this episode.
  • This is the third episode where Zarya rebels against the right decisions of the group since the episodes "An Eye for an Eye" and "Scourge of the Seven Skies".
  • The sneak peek of this episode was released four days after its airing.
  • This is the second episode where an evil villain impersonates a hero, the first being "Through My Enemy's Eyes", where Tazma impersonates Malvaron.
  • Malvaron and Doug were absent.
  • Zarya can now create a lightning-like arrow that produce an energy net to ensnare its victims; an ability she had actually discovered when witnessing her male predecessor do so in The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon book.


  • Mallory: "We're in, girls."
  • Eartha: "This is not right. Reading someone's diary is pure evil."
  • Willa: "I know, right? Why didn't we do this sooner?"
  • Mallory: "The Proxima Shame Buffet is open, girls.

Dear, Reflection Log: I feel like such a spelldinger. My most magnificent creation has turned out to be my greatest failure.

  • Mallory: "Um, hex tag: rude."
  • Willa: "She's talking you, isn't she?"
  • Mallory: "Give me that!!"

"That ice witch turned out to be nothing but a hot mess."

  • Kasha: "Relax, Mallory, Star Mages are gonna hate. No biggie. But this? This is big. I hate, hate, hate, Arkayna. She's nothing but a pigheaded princess."
  • Eartha: "And an unqualified Dragon Mage"?
  • Proxima: "How dare you invade my privacy!! Stay out of my reflection log!!"
  • Willa: "You were supposed to be keeping watch. Ow! She's made of stone, Knucklehead."
  • Proxima: "How am I supposed to destroy the Mysticons when I'm surrounded by such fools!!?"
  • Mallory: "Maybe try the truth every once and awhile. Why didn't you tell us about the Princess and her B.F.F.s?"
  • Proxima: "Because you are on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know!!"
  • Kasha: "Wait! Couldn't we use the dirt in your diary against those do-gooders?"
  • Eartha: "Yes. You must know your enemy to pulverize your enemy."
  • Proxima: "Hmm."
  • Mallory: "That's totally why we were snooping. Evil plans or whatevs."
  • Proxima: Yes. Yes. I can use their own flaws against them, starting with..."


  • Princess Arkayna: "Zarya, were are you? You're late."
  • Zarya: "Practice, right."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Thanks. Um, what size tiara do you wear?"
  • Zarya: "I don't do tiaras. No way, uh-UN."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Twinsies."
  • Zarya: "I thought bein' a princess was supposed to be fun."
  • Princess Arkayna: "The Festival of the Sky Lancers is fun. We do some fancy flying, and have a mock sky joust in the honor of the knights who defended the city. Trust me, Sis, you'll love it."


  • Willa: "We're home."
  • Kasha: "Don't mess, Ice Queen."
  • Eartha: "We completed our quest, Star Mistress."
  • Mallory: "Totally but we'd love to know what the hex does exactly."
  • Proxima: "It corrupted Zarya's video game. And once she reaches Level 30, it's game over."


  • Princess Arkayna: "This is important to me, Zarya. And it should be to you, too. Mom was a Sky Lancer."
  • Zarya: "I'm sorry. I forgot. I..."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Look, just hold off the video games until after the festival."
  • Zarya: "Yeah sure."


  • Zarya: "Uh, what's going on?"
  • Proxima: "Welcome to my game, Zarya."
  • Mallory: A.K.A. Mysticon Ranger."
  • Zarya: "Game? Let of outta here, Proxima!!"
  • Proxima: "I have a little something else in mind."


  • Proxima (as Zarya): "What's wrong, Boy? It's me. Smart, Foz. But nobody gets in the way of Proxima's revenge!!"


  • Mallory: "We don't wanna miss the big sky party."
  • Eartha: "Ah yes. I do love a good joust."
  • Mallory: "For sure. It's gonna be killer."
  • Zarya: Oh no!! Arkayna!!"
  • Willa: "When 'you' hit her with that harmless lance, she's gonna shocked."
  • Zarya: "Stay away from my sister!"
  • Mallory: "B.R.B. or whatever."
  • Kasha: "I'll catch up in a sec. Just a quick game for the road."


  • Emerald: "What the King meant to say, was that today we honor the brave Sky Lancers, who have defended our city for generations. The greatest of them- Our queen."


  • Proxima (as Zarya): "Revenge. Finally."
  • Kitty Boon: "Wait! Is that lance active? What's she doing?"
  • Kasey Boon: "Where's Em?"
  • Kitty Boon: "Come on."


  • Eartha: "I am shaking with excitement!!"
  • Mallory: "Please don't."


  • Zarya: "Arkayna, look out!!"
  • Proxima (as Zarya): No!!"
  • Princess Arkayna: "What's going on? Why are there two Zaryas?"
  • Emerald: "Honestly it's a long, weird story."
  • Proxima (as Zarya): "I don't know how you escaped my trap, but at least now I can get of this stupid purple hair."
  • Princess Arkayna: "Come on, girls! It's magic hour!"


  • Proxima: "You're only delaying the inevitable, Princess Arkayna! Your end is near. The end of all of you!"
  • Kitty: "Stand down, Proxima. It's over."
  • Emerald: "Hey, Schmoo-tinkle."
  • Zarya: "You're surrounded, Proxima."
  • Princess Arkayna (scornfully): "And get over the revenge thing already."
  • Proxima: "Vexicons, out!!"
  • Willa: "Quicker than a Flicker."


Princess Arkayna Is nearly killed by Proxima, disguised as Zarya, at the festival, in retaliation for never truly being there for her.

Scornfully tells Proxima to "get over the revenge thing, already" and reveals her identity as Mysticon Dragon Mage to her people.

Zarya Is immediately addicted to her brand-new video game, but ends up being trapped inside her own phone due to a spell that Proxima and the Vexicons put on it. Still hates tiara's.
Emerald Instructs Arkayna and Zarya with the festival training and helps Zarya get out of her video game. Finds herself addicted to board games at the end.
Piper Blows the horn for the festival and help Zarya get out of the video game
Kasey Boon Helps Emerald prepare the princess twins for the festival.
Kitty Keeps telling Zarya to not let the video game take over.
Choko Warns Piper and Emerald that there’s an evil Zarya clone.
Proxima Impersonates Zarya and tries to kill Arkayna. Has a pure hate for Arkayna and uses Zarya's image to get close enough to kill her.
The Vexicons Finds out the Mysticons identities as well as help Proxima curse Zarya's phone.
Mathis Finds out the Mysticons identities
Gawayne Finds out the Mysticons identities


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