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The Dragon Mage Staff is the one and only mystical weapon wielded by the leader of the legendary Mysticons, the Dragon Mage, which symbolizes her status as leader the quarter. Its original wielder was Imani Firewing, who was chosen to be the very first Dragon Mage by the Dragon Disk, one thousand years previously

Known Wielders


It is long and thin, colored a light gold with a light green crystal orb at the top and a lotus flower.

Magical Properties

  • Green Fire Generation & Control: The Dragon Mage is capable of generating and controlling bright green-colored flames that are able to burn metal, concrete and stone.
  • Camouflage: At one point, Arkayna had used it create a bush to give her and her fellow Mysticons and Lance cover.
  • Mystic Energy Beam Emission: She is capable of emitting a very strong beam of mystical energy from it to inflict intense bodily pain to her target from a distance.
  • Mystical Energy Constructs: She can reshape this strong flaming energy into any shape; a net, a rope or even a circular shield.
  • Object Creation: It was used to create certain objects; such as fireworks, a lotus in the sky or even curtains and D.J. breaker in Episode Three.
  • Long-Distance Teleportation: It once displayed the ability to teleport its wielder and friends across long distances, in a flash of fiery green energy, as it was capable of carrying the Mysticons through the subconscious mind and childhood memories of Proxima by banging it down.
  • Levitation: It allows its wielder to levitate objects or people from a distance enshrouded in a light green aura, even though Mysticon Dragon Mage possesses strong telekinetic abilities when not using her scepter.
  • Portal/Vortex Creation: Open a light green, sparkly portal or vortex to any world she wishes, exactly what the purple-and-pink Knight Sword and deep blue Crystal Ice Staff possess.

It is not as powerfully effective as its Vexicon counterpart is, due to the Vexicons being far more powerful than the Mysticons, as the Dark Codex from which they came is overflowing with very powerful evil magic.


  • Its dark counter is the blue Crystal Ice Staff, wielded by leader of the Vexicons, Mallory. As this wields power over green fire, Mallory's Vexicon weapon possesses power over white ice and snow, cold and frost; the two opposing elements Fire and Ice (basically the solid form of the element Water).