Dragon Bracer
Vital statistics
Type Magical
Effects Green Fire Breath
Winged flight
Razor-sharp claws
Enhanced speed
Enhanced durability
Source Head of the Dragon Queen
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

"Unleash the Dragon!"
-Arkayna's battle cry to utilize its great mystical powers

Dragon Bracer is an incredibly powerful piece of mystical accessories summoned by the first piece of the Codex. It first appeared in "How to Train a Mysticon".

It appears as a bright green European dragon composed of mystical energy wrapping a user's forearm from wrist to elbow.

Initially summoned and used by Tazma, it was recovered by Arkayna, who then became its permanent and rightful owner.

The riddle to obtain it and forest-green spellbook was:

The first piece that you do look for

Is not behind just any door

The most regale of worms is where you'll find

Fiery magic through piece of mind

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  • It was the first item from a Codex Piece to fall into the hands of evil before it was quickly recovered by its rightful owner.
  • Out of all four mystical bracers, it is the most used.
  • One thousand years ago, Imani Firewing had unleashed its great mystical powers, by calling out "Release the Star Dragon!" therefore defeating Necrafa and destroying herself in the process.
  • When in the possession of Imani Firewing, Necrafa had referred to it as "the Bracer of the Heavens".
  • Its mystical powers can be absorbed by the green gem belonging to Queen Necrafa. However, Imani Firewing was freely capable of defeating her, even while she wore the green gem.
  • In "The Dome", "Clash of the Tridents" and "Quest of the Vexed", Arkayna called out "Release!" instead of "Unleash!"
  • It is counteracted by Mallory's dark Serpent/Snake Bracer.
  • In Volume 1 of the comics, the Dragon Bracer appears in the transformation sequence but is not used.