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Citrine Goldenbraid is the overprotective and caring dwarven mother of Emerald Goldenbraid whom she calls her "pootinkle". She debuts in Episode 6 "Heart of Gold" along with her husband and young sons Halite and Ferrus.


Season One

Season Two

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  • Her name is a yellow-colored gem similar to "topaz", whereas her daughter's is a dark green gem. It is also a shade of yellow.
  • Her family recipe is a soup that Zarya pretends to like.
  • Besides Queen Goodfey, she is the only mother of a Mysticon who has been introduced and is still alive.
  • She is revealed to be overprotective of her daughter, unaware that has been a legendary Mysticon for quite some time.
  • She considers Piper and Zarya as one of the family, now that are her daughter's best friends.
  • She thinks of the borrower-sized Tazma as a "vicious little pet" for Emerald her three friends.
  • When she was Emerald's age she wanted a sky rider, but hailed her grandmother's advice in saying that it was too dangerous.
  • Her peanut butter dumplings are a favorite of Nova Terron's.


  • She has yet to make any appearances, though her husband has been already referenced in Volume 2


Season One

  • "If you're another trying to sell me a fake forge...!! Great garnets! Emerald!"
  • "Princess Arkayna!! I didn't know we were getting a visit from the royal family."
  • "Do I bow our curtsy?"
  • "Etiquette be darned. Come here!"
  • "Set the table for our guests, and use the good hammer wear."
  • "I missed you, Poo-Tinkle."
  • "Just the tremors. We're learning to live with them."
  • "Excellent technique, Arkayna. My mother taught me to carve soloarite when I was your age."
  • "Em and her dad used to be so close. It broke his heart when she left to go to the city."
  • "Her dad had big plans for the family business, Malachite & Daughter."
  • "There's trouble in the mines!"
  • "Stay here!!"
  • "I love you, Poo-Tinkle. Try to visit us more often."
  • "Before you go, I want you to have this: A dwarven hope ring, to give you strength in your quest to free your parents from Dreadbane's spell."
  • "Piper, Zarya, our door is always open. You're one of the family now."
  • "But seriously, she's a griffin wrangler, right?"

Season Two

  • "Yoo-hoo. There you are, Em. I almost lost ya."
  • "Oh, your friends are here."
  • "Come on girls, bear-bug hug."
  • "Malachite and the boys are off spelunking, so I thought I'd drop by for some mother-daughter time."
  • "Is this the official griffin wrangling residence? It's so...lovely."
  • "Dust. It's bad for your allergies, Poo-Tinkle."
  • "Oh, what a vicious little pet."
  • "Oh, Emerald, I can't wait to spend the day with you. But first, where's the little dwarves room?"
  • "OK, who's ready for some fun?"
  • "Did you put on sunscreen? You know how we dwarfs are sensitive to sunlight."
  • (Reads from the plaque) "On this spot, the Mysticons found the mythical unicorn bracelet."
  • "I think the plaque knows more about the Mysticons than you do, Dear."
  • "I expected the city to be full of danger, but it seems pretty calm."
  • "I knew it!! This city is a cesspool of danger and evil villains!!"
  • "Help me, Emerald!!"
  • "You're...a Mysticon?"
  • "There's nothing to talk about. We're going home!!"
  • "With all due respect, Your Highness, this is between me and my daughter."
  • "I beg your pardon!? Get on that train right now!! You're already in a mountain of trouble and you do not want to test my melting point!!"
  • "I'm saying, when you're young, you think you're invincible. But you're not. And if anything happened to you, I couldn't bear it, Poo-Tinkle."
  • "Technical problems, my beard."
  • "Howdy!!"
  • "Right."
  • "Stop right there, Mises!! Is that any way to talk to your elders!!?"
  • "Stop glyphing and look at when I'm speaking to you!! And you- You're the worst of the lot! What kind of fairy gets pleasure from scaring people?"
  • "Actually, neither do I. I was trying to kill for time."
  • "Step aside, Boys."
  • "Oh, and clean up this Star Chamber, Ladies. It's a pigsty."
  • "It was the least I could do. "
  • "Oh, I'll always worry, but now I can worry a lot less. Your friends were right. You are a true hero."
  • "It's magic time!"
  • "Get away from my daughter, Golem!"
  • "I know it's the end of the world, so I made us a little snack."

Quotes in Printed Media


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