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Choko (pronounced chalk-oh) is a pure pink-and-white foz. He is Zarya Moonwolf‘s animal companion. He looks like a white guinea pig with long prehensile tail and large wing-like ears and is something of a comic relief. He can curl into a ball for rolling about and being thrown.


Choko is, as Zarya Moonwolf's pet foz that looks like a white guinea pig.

His hair has four on them sticking out, white fur, her eyes have blue sclera with black pupils, and dark bluish-color navy blue hands and feet that looks pretty similar to a mole rat.

He has a orangish-brown nose. a dark pink mouth, a light pink tongue, a pink, Mysticons mask around her eyes (similar to Zarya's), a pink belly, a tooth, large wing-like ears and a long prehensile tail.

Choko can curl into a ball for rolling about and being thrown for protection or other things, and is something of a comic relief.


Choko is a very smart and resourceful foz, he is loyal to the Mysticons but his true loyal is to Zarya. He is often worried about her and has a strong bond with her above the others. Though the story of how they met is yet to be known.

Natural Abilities

Choko is a natural acrobat and can roll up his body in a ball to move slightly faster around. His tail is also quite strong and durable, capable reaching for things from a short distance and grasp them with surprising strength.

He also possesses supernatural senses of hearing, eyesight, night vision, and smell.

He can curl up into a ball and roll around at unusual speeds.


  • He is the first foz to appear in the show. Several other of his kind make later appearances during Foz Season or as the pets of other citizens; such as Mathis.
  • He is also quite smart, able to mistrust villains easily, and even detect supernatural danger nearby.
  • He seems to like being used as a furry bouncing ball for Piper and Emerald in "Twin Stars Unite."
  • He can curl into a ball for protection or other things.

Graphic Novels

  • He likes Malvaron's pancakes.
  • He likes playing blocks.