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The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon
The very first chapter book, featuring Emerald Goldenbraid, the second Mysticon Knight
Vital statistics
Author Liz Marsham
Illustrator Unknown
Published on August 28, 2018-Present
Published by Unknown
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The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon TBA

Mysticons has an ever-expanding series of chapter books of "original adventures" that did not take place in the animated show. However, each takes place during a separate season of the series.

These are not to be confused with novelizations, which are entirely based on actual episodes of the television show:

  1. The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon
  2. The Stolen Magic
  3. The Diamond Curse
  4. TBD


Second Generation of Mysticons



Additional Creatures





Not from the Animated Series


Mystical Objects of Good and Light

Magical Objects of Evil and Shadow

Mysticons Weaponry


Mysticon Abilities

Locations on Gemina

In Drake City

  • Sword's Rest (The Stolen Magic)

The Royal Palace

The Undercity

Astromancers Island

Very Far from Drake City

Other Worlds and Parallel Dimensions


  • Any original stories featuring Piper Willowbrook has yet to be released, as are dozens of other original tales featuring each Mysticon as the central character, each set in either season of the animated series.
  • A rare astrological events occurs- Wells Comet that appears once every seven decades.